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FAQS: YOUR MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS Close expanded article descriptions
Heartworm FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions about Heartworm

PRODUCT COMPARISONS Open expanded article descriptions
Deworming Guidelines for Cats & Kittens
Feline Vaccine Product Chart
Heartworm Preventive Comparison Chart
Wormer Comparison Chart

GENERAL INFORMATION Close expanded article descriptions
Breaking a Scored Tablet for Your Pet
Breaking a scored tablet for your pet is a very fast and easy procedure.
Cases from Our Clinic: Hyperthyroidism
Hyperthyroidism affected these three cats in three different ways. Find out how each cat was helped with three different types of treatments.
Feline Leukemia Vaccinations
Looking to vaccinate your cat against feline leukemia? Our veterinarians explain how FeLV vaccinations work.
Feline Leukemia, Basic Understanding
Is your cat at rish for developing feline leukemia? Find out more about FeLV now.
FeLV: How to Protect Multi-Cat Homes
Do you know how to protect multiple cats from feline leukemia? Use our veterinarians' tips and advice for FeLV control.
Heartworm Facts
Do you know all there is to know about heartworm? We've compiled a list of the most important heartworm facts.
Heartworm Quiz
Are you a heartworm expert? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of these pesky parasites.
Heartworm: Is Your Cat at Risk?
Is your cat safe from heartworm disease? Here's the latest findings from the American Heartworm Society symposium.
How Do I Give My Cat a Tablet, Caplet, or Capsule?
The easiest way for your cat to get the medications and supplements she needs is if you know how to give them. Here are some tips from the experts to make pill taking less of a chore, and more of a pleasure.
How to Administer Liquid Medication to Your Cat
How to give your cat liquid medication is explained.
How to Give Your Cat a Pill
How to give your cat a pill is explained.
Mosquito Control
Is your pet protected against mosquitoes? Find out how to best protect your dog and cat from these disease transmitting insects.
Pharmacy Spotlight: Methimazole
Methimazole helps prevent the thyroid gland from producing excessive amounts of thyroid hormone and is used in treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats.
Why Vaccinate at Home?
Looking to vaccinate your cat at home? Our veterinarians have compiled the tips and guidance you need to make home vaccination easy.
Worms in Cats: The Symptoms
Worried about intestinal worms? Here's our veterinary guide to checking your cat at home for the presence of worms.

KITTEN'S FIRST WEEK Close expanded article descriptions
Vaccination Schedule for Cats
Do you know which vaccinations your cat or kitten needs? Use this chart to determine what vaccines your kitty needs.

A General Discussion on Parasites: Types, Transmission & Life Cycles
Administering Ophthalmic (Eye) Medications
Adverse Reactions to Vaccination
Can People Get Worms from Their Pets?
Common Drugs & Nutraceuticals
Drugs to Avoid in Pregnant or Nursing Cats
Frequently Asked Questions Related to Vaccination
Generic Medications
The Future of Vaccinations
Cat Medications
Heartworm Preventive Comparison Chart
Wormer Comparison Chart
Why Vaccinate at Home?
Cat Medications
How Do I Give My Cat a Tablet, Caplet, or Capsule?
Pharmacy Spotlight: Methimazole

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