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Cat Calming Solutions Comparison
Does travel frazzle your cat? Here's our top picks for products to make the miles traveled serene and stress-free.
Cat Training Aid Comparison Chart
Training aids for cats not only protect off-limit areas in your home, but also offers protection to your cat from potential dangers. This comparison chart will help you choose the right type of training device that will work for your cat.
Cat Training Aids Overview
Got a bad cat? Training aids are the perfect to way to help deter undesirable behaviors or train a new cat to respect boundaries. Here's our pick of the litter when it comes to training aids.

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5 Ways to Discourage Cat Spraying
Personal space is just as important to your cat as it is to you. Use these five training steps to deter your cat from marking his territory.
Calm Cats: Crucial Pheromones
Pheromones send chemical signals that can influence your cat's behavior. That's why products that mimic certain pheromones can be effective in redirecting inappropriate cat behaviors.
Easy ways to occupy & entertain your cat indoors
Discover simple ways to banish your cat's boredom and keep kitty cabin fever from disrupting your happy home.
How to Breed Harmony in Your
Multiple Cat Household

Have multiple cats? Here's five simple ways to help each of them get along.
How to Deal with Cats That Beg
Does your cat beg at the dining room table? Use these five proven training tips to help kitty understand that the table is off limits.
Litter Box Avoidance: Not Always a Behavior Problem
Ricki was a fastidiously clean calico cat. Until one day when her owner found urine spots around the home…find out what our veterinarian staff diagnosed and how they helped Ricki get better.
Nocturnal Behavior, Causes & How to Curb
Cat keeping you awake at night? Here's five simple ways to curb your cat's night owl antics.
Prevent Cat Scratching with the "3 D's"
Are your cat's claws making a mess out of your furniture? Follow these three easy steps to help deter scratching and protect your home.
Separation Anxiety: Causes, Signs & Treatment
Cats aren't much different than humans when it comes to being apart from loved ones. Learn about feline separation anxiety and how to help your cat cope with times you must be apart.
Solutions to 5 Common Cat Behavior Problems
Read our Drs. Overview on training aid products for cats. Training aids help you teach your cat to stay off potentially dangerous high surfaces - especially when you're not home.
Solutions to Cat Boredom
Is your cat bored? Changes in behavior, sleeping, and eating sometimes signify feline boredom. Here's how to revitalize her surroundings and re-energize her life.
Stop Urine Spraying
Determine whether cat is actually urinating as opposed to marking or "spraying." How can you tell the difference?
Stress in Cats: Signs, Sources & Coping
Even indoor cats living the easy life can become stressed. Here are our veterinarians' recommendations for keeping your kitty cool, calm, and collected.
Surface Barriers Eliminate Bad Behavior
Trying to stop your cat from jumping up on the kitchen counter, desk, chair, sofa, or other furniture? Our cat veterinarians and cat behavior specialists tell you how.
The Root of "Bad" Cats May be Stress
Is your cat stressed and his behavior turned because of it? Our cat veterinarians and expert behavior specialists can help >
Tips on Coping With Cat Aggression
Is your cat playful one minute and aggressive the next? Use these six tips to deter redirected aggression.
Troubled by Territorial Cat Marking?
Scent marking can be harmless or – when accomplished by scratching your furniture or drapes – very destructive. Here's how to get a handle on scent marking.
Understanding Destructive Cat Behavior
Does your cat's behavior seem like a well-executed plot to take over your home? Use these training tips to help stop his destructive behavior and restore order to your home.
Why Do Cats Purr?
Everyone loves a purring cat? But what is your cat trying to say? Find out now.

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Basic Cat Training Guidelines
Are cats as trainable as dogs? Learn about the debate that's plagued feline behaviorists for years. Then use our expert tips to turn your kitty's behavior around.
Counter Jumping, How to Prevent
Do you know why your cat loves to jump on the kitchen or bathroom counter? Our veterinarians and feline behavior experts explain.
How to Catch ZZZZZ's with a New Kitty
Pickles kept her owner, Jane, up all night with her playful antics. Discover what our veterinarians recommended to help Pickles and Jane get the sleep they needed.
Scratching, How to Stop
Does your cat love to scratch? Find out why. Plus learn how to re-direct this destructive behavior in three easy steps.
Train Your Cat to Walk on a Leash
Think leashes are for the dogs? Proper leash training works with felines, too – and helps make their outdoor excursions safe. Here's how >
What To Do When Your Kitty Plays Too Rough
Has your kitty gone wild? Get her back on track with these informative tips.

Cat on the Keyboard
Cats Landing on Their Feet
Fear of Thunderstorms and Noise Phobias
Hearing in Cats
How the Sense of Smell Influences Behavior
Licking Around the Tail
Rubbing Against Legs & Furniture
Seeing in the Dark
Smelling with an Open Mouth
Cat Behavior & Training
Prevent Cat Scratching with the "3 D's"
5 Ways to Discourage Cat Spraying
Why Do Cats Purr?
Cat Behavior & Training
Stop Urine Spraying
Easy ways to occupy & entertain your cat indoors

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