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Pet Carrier FAQs
Vehicle Restraints & Containment FAQs

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Dog Clothes Overview
Good dog clothes can help your dog better adapt to seasonal changes and enjoy more time outdoors, while costumes and sportswear can add fun to holidays and events.
Dog Travel Safety Restraints Overview
For your mutual safety, your pet should be restrained or confined at all times while riding in your vehicle.
Pet Travel: Restraint Boosts Pet Travel Safety
Find out how to protect your pet (and other passengers) when traveling with your pet.
Summer Healthcare Guide: 5 Keys to Success
Warm weather are perfect for road trips, and many owners travel with their pets. To ensure your pet's comfort and health, review and update your first aid kit and take it with you. Never leave your pet in your enclosed vehicle for any amount of time.

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12 Top Travel Tips
Traveling is easy if you prepare to travel using these handy tips. Make sure your dog's tags are up-to-date and basic needs such as food and water, toys and treats, and a cage and leash are packed.
14 Tips for Safe Summer Travel
If you plan on taking your dog or cat along on vacation, that weekend get-away or other summer traveling, these tips will help your trip go smoother so you both can relax and enjoy.
6 Fantastic Ideas for Fall Fun
Discover great suggestions for outdoor & indoor fall fun with your best friend!
Avoid Common Outdoor Pet Poisons
Read up on common (and prevalent) pet poisons to avoid as you explore the great outdoors with your best friend.
Care Options When You Can't Take Your Pet With You
There are plenty of options for those of us who must leave our pets for a day or for two weeks. Every year the choices become more numerous. Which alternative is right for your situation?
Dog Clothing: More than Fashion
Dog Clothing - More Than Fashion Sense
Dog Park Necessities
With warmer weather on its way, your dog is itching to get outside and play.
Easy ways to ensure pleasant winter travel with your dog
Learn how to easily boost your dog's comfort, safety, and happiness as you travel to your favorite winter destinations.
Essential Warmth in Cool Weather for Dogs
Discover easy ways to keep your dog warm, healthy, and happy when the weather cools.
Exercise Safety Tips
Exercising can often be boring and difficult to do alone. Have you ever thought of including your dog in your fitness routine?
Flying with Your Pet - Pet Air Travel (Part 2)
Pet Travel Coundown: 1-2 Months Prior. The most important factor in selecting an airline is how they will handle and care for your four-legged family member. Here's what questions to ask.
Flying with Your Pet - Pet Air Travel Tips (Part 1)
For first-time pet parents, air travel with your dog may take some convincing. Thankfully, with proper planning, some online research and a few phone calls, any pet owner can feel as comfortable about flying with their pet as they do flying solo
Flying with Your Pet - Pet Carriers (Part 4)
Pet Travel Planner Countdown: travel day! Here's a checklist of what to do the day you travel by air with your precious cargo pet.
Flying with Your Pet - Pet Travel Regulations (Part 3)
Pet Travel Planner Countdown: 10 Days Prior. Notify your veterinarian about your travel plans to arrange a Health Certificate exam no more than 10 days before departure.
Foot Protection for Field and Active Dogs
Unprotected paws are subject to cuts, abrasions, bruises, and even frostbite while your dog is running. Protect footpads from dangerous objects or conditions with a pair of inexpensive boots and conditioning products.
Frostbite Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention
Frostbite primarily affects the ears, tail, and feet of cats and dogs. By providing adequate shelter or keeping your pet indoors during sub-zero temperatures, you can prevent this painful condition from occurring.
Heat Stroke - Avoid Summer Danger
Discover the symptoms of heatstroke, how to deal with it, and how to prevent this dangerous hot-weather condition.
Hiking & Camping With Your Dog
If you have ever wanted to hike with your dog, this article gives tips on what to bring and how best to go about hiking, camping, and backpacking with your dog.
Hypothermia Symptoms, Risks & Treatment
Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature becomes too low to function normally. By providing adequate shelter or keeping your pet indoors during sub-zero temperatures, you can prevent your dog or cat from becoming hypothermic.
Mosquito Control
Is your pet protected against mosquitoes? Find out how to best protect your dog and cat from these disease transmitting insects.
Motion Sickness in Dogs
Motion sickness from riding in cars occurs in dogs afraid of traveling. Pets become ill from the actual movement and may be kept calmed with our natural remedies.
Moving Tips with Your Dog
Moving to a new location or traveling with your dog may cause him to be stressed. A cage or crate will give him security but we offer you other tips to put him at ease, as well.
Nametags: Your Best Insurance
Worried your pet will become lost if let outdoors? Follow the advice of thousands of pet owners and our veterinary staff to help ensure your lost pet will be returned home.
Outdoor Dog Adventures: 5 Fun Ideas!
The outdoors provide a fresh and interesting environment to keep your pet's mind active, alert, and off of behavior you'd rather not see.
Outdoor Exercise for your Dog
Most pets already spend a little time outside everyday, mainly when going out to go to the bathroom. But many owners don't fully appreciate the added benefits from allowing their pets to spend more significant time outdoors.
Pharmacy Spotlight: Cerenia
Information on a motion-sickness medication for dogs, including a success story.
Prepare for a fun, safe day of water play with the right supplies
Before a day of water fun, prepare for your dog's comfort & safety with a handy list of water-recreation must-haves.
Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs
Dogs do not perspire the way humans do; in fact, the only sweat glands that they have are on the pads of their feet. Dogs pant to cool themselves and also use a temperature exchange called convection to cool their skin. Learn More >
Should you Microchip your Pet?
All about microchips, including how they work, their importance, how they are put into your pet, and where you can get one for your pet.
Summer Heat Safety Tips
Dogs can only rid their body of heat while panting. However, panting alone is not enough when the temperature soars.
Summer Safety Tips for Dogs
With careful planning, conscientious care, and a little common sense, you and your dog can enjoy everything summer has to offer.
Summer Tips - Enjoy Time Outdoors
Exercise is critical to your pet's physical health, and the stimulation of the sights and sounds of the outdoors is excellent for your pet's mental health. Here's a checklist of things you should have on hand.
Top Products for National Walk your Dog Week (10/ 1 – 10/7)
This national week of awareness encourages pet parents to adopt a regular walking program for the health, behavioral, and feel-good benefits of their dog.
Traveling with your Dog: What to Bring
Just because you and your pet are on vacation does not mean that you can slack off on good nutrition and exercise. So, how do you make sure your pet continues a healthy lifestyle even when you're away from home?
Why Pet Strollers are So Popular
In early 2005, an employee of ours came across a scene that still makes her chuckle. . . .
Winter Healthcare Guide
Winter means shorter days and longer nights, dryer air and colder temperatures. It also means adjustments in your care routine to maintain the health of your pet.
Winter Safety for Outdoor Dogs
Winter-smart strategies help you protect your dog from extreme cold weather conditions.

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Motion Sickness Checklist
There is almost nothing more upsetting to a dog owner than when their precious pet gets ill in the car. Use this handy checklist to see if your pet may have motion sickness.

Dog Houses: Design and Construction
Outdoor Bedding
Steps to Take if Your Dog is Lost
Travel & Outdoors with Dogs
Preventing Heatstroke in Dogs
Mosquito Control
Winter Safety for Outdoor Dogs
Travel & Outdoors with Dogs
Heat Stroke - Avoid Summer Danger
Avoid Common Outdoor Pet Poisons

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