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Nylon Brush for Pets
9 results

Algae Brush and Algae Twister

As low as $19.99
Practical pond tools for simple algae removal and pond maintenanceEffectively scrub algae from pond surfaces or gather string algaeExtends up to 46" to access pond algae in hard-to-reach areas Great pond maintenance tools make nuisance algae removal simple. Elegantly simple, these functional tools feature a telescopic handle that extends from 28" to 46". Stiff, nylon cone brush on Algae Bush ...
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Ultimate Touch Cat Combo Brush

As low as $4.49
2 brushes in 1 - Reinforced wire & nylon bristles Removes dead unwanted hair to reduce shedding Helps brush out mats & tangles for show-quality perfection Enjoy two grooming brushes in one with this Ultimate Touch Cat Combo Brush. Reinforced wire brush with comfort-coated tips reaches deep to separate out loose hair. Tightly-grouped firm nylon bristles on the other side ...
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FURminator® Slicker and Dual Brushes

As low as $14.99
FURminator, the trusted name in deshedding tools, brings you advance-design pet brushes to keep your pet's coat looking its best. FURminator understands that brushing is the first step to good grooming. These professional brushes accommodate different coat types and fur lengths. They offer easy-grip ergonomic handles, dual and/or flexible heads to reach all your pet's curves, and a protective ...
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Roma Soft Grip Flex Body Brush by WeatherBeeta

As low as $4.99
The Soft Grip Flex Body Brush by Roma lets you easily, thoroughly groom your horse while enhancing grooming comfort for you and your horse. The Soft Grip Flex Body Brush features a durable plastic back with soft rubber trim and flex points that allow the brush to conform to the natural contours of your horse's body. Densely packed synthetic medium-stiffness ...
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Bottle & Tube Brush

As low as $2.99
Keep your bird's water fresh and your bird healthy with a clean water bottle. Features a nylon bristle head on an extra-long, flexible handle to easily clean any size water bottle. Includes a smaller, tapered head brush with more rigid bristles that is great for cleaning spigots or smaller delivery tubes. Smaller (4") brush stores inside the larger brush handle. ...
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Brush N Scratch

As low as $17.99
Let your cat brush herself using this innovative scratcher with brushing arch Every pass under the arch removes loose hair and massages your cat Carpeted base makes a great scratching surface to condition nails This "kitty spa" keeps your cat groomed AND entertained. Brush N Scratch features a 14" wide-carpeted base that gives your cat plenty of room to stretch ...
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Ruffin' It Cat Brushes

As low as $1.99
Cat grooming brushes with sure-grip comfort handles Helps maintain a clean, soft, and shiny coat Easy on your pet and gentle on the coat Groom your cat easily and quickly with these gentle grooming tools by Ruffin' It. Nylon Bristle Brush offers soft nylon bristles that help smooth and finish the coat.
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Best 36" Long Brush

As low as $6.99
Now you can reach the bottom of even your longest tube-style finch feeders so they can be free of crusty messes. This extra-long cleaning brush keeps them clean and sanitary with little effort, and clean feeders attract more birds. Brush features extra-long 36" length with durable nylon bristles that provide large surface area to clean away dried-on seed and debris. ...
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Safari® Dog Brushes

As low as $7.99
Dog grooming tools remove excess dog hair & dirt Help distribute natural oils to leave a shiny coat Comfort grip keeps grooming time comfortable & in control Keep your dog well-groomed and looking smart with Safari's line of versatile dog brushes. Each features a comfort to keep you comfortable and in control during bathing and grooming time. Massage Brush (for ...
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