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Nontoxic Small Pet Toy
5 results

Celebration Toys

As low as $6.99
Turn small pet playtime into party time with brightly colored wood and paper toys. Celebration Toys for Small Pets feature chewable, pullable paper sticks firmly anchored in a vibrant wood block. Varied chewing textures offer a fun, engaging and acceptable chewing outlet for small pets. Festive chew toys also double as a perch for small pets that love to climb. ...
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Ferret Dig Box

As low as $9.99
Spark your ferret's instinctive digging and tunneling behaviors. Completely safe and nontoxic ferret dig box offers hour after hour of playtime fun. Thick, sturdy cardboard box is tough enough for multiple ferrets to dig, roll, and weave inside and arrives chock full of all-starch packing peanuts. Discourages your ferret from destructive scratching and digging by offering a healthy and ...
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Living World Nibblers Corn Husk Chews

As low as $1.99
Improve your small pet's dental care with Nibblers Corn Husk Chews for small pets. Made of all-natural corn husk and raffia, they clean and floss the teeth as your pet nibbles. Simply add Nibblers to the cage or habitat to promote fun play, satisfactory chewing, and boredom relief. Nibblers offer pet-friendly shapes as well as natural materials your pet would ...
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Wooden Blocks

As low as $6.99
Multiple play options offer entertainment for you and your small pet. Wooden Blocks for Small Pets is a superior selection of components and playthings that allow you to build just the right toy for your pet. Tropical colors and assorted shapes and textures allow unlimited creative possibilities to keep small pets mentally and physically active. Offer alone, string together to ...
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Triangle Teaser Hanging Toy

As low as $5.99
Colorful 2-in-1 toy keeps small pets active and entertained Hanging toy great for small pets as a chewing or climbing toy Triangle wood pieces offer pet mice and rats a chewing challenge Fun interactive toy tempt heavy chewers with loads of colorful wood chews. Long-lasting, durable activity center for small pets keeps boredom to a minimum with dual play options. ...
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