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Mechanical Performance Filter
6 results

Fish Mate Gravity UV & Bio Pond External Filters

As low as $27.99
Combination flow-through pond filter with built-in UV clarifier Fine and coarse filter foams for enhanced mechanical pond filtration Easy maintenance design ensures years of reliable filter performance Attractively priced, flow-through UV pond filters designed for optimum water quality. High performance combination filters feature Fish Mate SUPRA biological filter media to promote rapid ...
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Marineland Multistage Canister Filters

As low as $89.99
High-performance, no bypass design means superior aquarium canister filtration. Efficient, multistage filters force water through the Stack n' Flo filter media trays to provide exceptional mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. The result is crystal clear aquarium water and a healthy aquatic environment. Sleek, contemporary filter boasts convenient maintenance features including ...
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Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filters

As low as $9.99
Enhance aquarium filtration with Reaction large-capacity, 4-stage canister filters. Revolutionary canister filters boast greater media-storing capacity so aquarium water comes into contact with more filter media during the initial pass. Combined with a built-in 5W UV sterilizer, you enjoy clean, clear, and healthy aquarium water from a single, space-saving unit. Advanced, high-performance ...
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Oase BioTec Pond Gravity Filter

As low as $1,999.00
High-performance pond filtration system with built-in cleaning mechanism maximizes biological filtration and reduces maintenance frequency. Oase BioTec Pond Gravity Filter features the innovative Screenmatic automatic debris screen system that automatically removes coarse debris at regular intervals. Motorized conveyor belt screen system with 300-micron mesh removes coarse debris particles ...
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Laguna Pressure-Flo UVC Filter

As low as $389.99
High performance pressurized pond filter system with UV clarifier Algae-clumping UV lamp and efficient bio-mechanical filtration keeps pond water clean and clear Revolutionary backwash system extends interval between pond filter maintenance Pressurized pond filter with integrated UV clarifier makes beautiful water gardens simple. Easy-to-install filter features algae-clumping UV lamp and ...
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Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter

As low as $8.49
Upgrade of popular high performance canister filter boasts enhanced performance and setup ease. Fluval FX6 High Performance Canister Filter makes aquarium fishkeeping easier and more convenient. Astounding 1.5-gallon media capacity filter is powered by an energy-efficient pump with a 935-gph pump output that draws just 43 watts! The result is cleaner and healthier aquarium water while ...
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