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Low Fat Flavor Chews
6 results

SmartBones Playtime Chews

As low as $4.99
Surprise inner treats reward your pet for chewing through this chew's outer shell. SmartBones Playtime Chews let him shake, rattle, and roll his way to entertainment bliss. These low-fat treats are completely free of rawhide for greater digestibility, yet they deliver all the chewing benefits of rawhide. Your dog is intrigued by the rattle sound made when the inner chicken ...
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Nutri Dent Complete Dental Chews for Dogs

As low as $13.99
Scrumptious Nutri Dent Complete Dental Chews for Dogs clean like a toothbrush, taste like a treat Proprietary ingredients and patented 360° scrubbing nubs help reduce bad breath and plaque buildup Gluten-free dental chews are low in salt, low in fat, and vitamin- and mineral-enriched Highly digestible Adult, Grain-Free, and Puppy formulas made from natural ingredients Scrumptious dental chews ...
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Premium Rawhide Twisted Chews Value Pack Dog Chews

As low as $17.59
Nutritious, high-protein, low-fat rawhide dog treats Extra thick for the longest lasting chewing satisfaction Finest quality from a small, conscientious manufacturer There's nothing more fascinating to a dog than a stick, whether to carry, fetch, or in this case, chew. Satisfy both your dog's chewing and retrieving instincts with a single treat - these premium rawhide Twisted Chews. These ...
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Premium Plus® Omega-3 Gel Caps or Chews

As low as $29.99
Save when you buy Healthy Skin Kit! Important Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin support These fish oil fatty acids support healthy skin, joints, immune response, heart and kidneys Easy-to-give, delicious Chews! Make treat time healthy! Does your pet need maximum skin support that only pure Omega-3 fatty acids can offer? A dog's skin is naturally exposed to many elements ...
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Pork Rose Dog Chews

As low as $23.99
100%-natural, baked pork chews boast amazing flavor and a dense texture dogs adore Pork Rose Dog Chews are a superb natural source of protein and joint-supporting chondroitin High-protein, low-fat chews help clean teeth and freshen breath for dogs of all ages & sizes 100%-natural Pork Rose Dog Chews bloom with flavor and feature a dense texture dogs simply adore! Pork ...
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Angus Tendons Dog Chews

As low as $13.69
100%-natural Achilles tendon of grass-fed, free-range Argentinean Angus beef cattle Angus Tendons' rich flavor and tough texture make supporting your dog's overall dental health easy (and tasty!) Naturally high-protein, low-fat dog chews with no additives, chemicals, or preservatives Invite your dog to settle in for a satisfying chew on an Angus Tendon. These 100%-natural dog chews made from ...
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