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Leather Boots
5 results

Cavallo Sport Boots

As low as $59.98
Lighter, sleeker hoof boot quality-designed for performance horses Economical alternative to horse shoeing promotes healthy hooves Slightly narrower horse boot offers streamlined, sporty look and fit Keep active hooves healthy and protected with high quality hoof boots. Cavallo Sport Boots are designed with the performance horse in mind. Sleek, lightweight hoof boots features a surefooted ...
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Professional's Choice VenTECH Slide-Tec Skid Boots

As low as $69.99
Protect your horses legs during sliding stops or tight turns. Equipped with VenTECH technology, Slide-Tec Skid boots extend lower to cover the pastern and bulb of the horses heel keeping dirt from penetrating the boot and causing burns. Ventilated limestone-based neoprene conforms to your horse, allows heat and moisture to escape, and keeps your horse cool, comfortable and performing at ...
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Cavallo Simple Boots

As low as $72.48
The Simple Boot is a multi-purpose hoof boot excellent for all-terrain hoof protection for the barefoot horse. Simple Boots promote healthy hooves by allowing natural expansion and of the hoof wall, as well as increased blood circulation. The boots absorb shock to take some of the pressure off your horse's legs. This genuine leather boot adds protection during trailering and ...
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Cashel Rubber Bell Boots

As low as $17.96
360 degree protection against hoof damage caused by overreaching and forging. Cashel Rubber Bell Boots boasts strong yet pliable rubber construction that will not attract stickers or trap burs and grass. 360 degree wrap covers the entire coronet band and bulb of your horse's hoof. Sturdy leather straps feature hook and loop closures for easy application. Set of two. Available ...
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Aussie Dog Boots

As low as $24.99
Protect dog paws from cold, rough terrain & outdoor hazards Breathable, waterproof boots boast adjustable straps for snug fit Highly visible reflective trim on each paw adds safety after dark Keep the paws of your adventurous dog safe, warm and dry with slip-on Aussie Boots. Protect your dog's pads from temperature extremes, rough terrain, and sharp debris. These tough boots ...
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