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Kaytee Healthy Parrot Food
4 results

Kaytee® Forti-Diet® Pro Health™ Parrot Food

As low as $19.99
Seed based blend of fresh seeds, grains, and fortified supplements that provide the essential nutrients your parrot needs With DHA Omega-3 to help support heart, brain, and visual functions Contains probiotics to aid your parrot's digestive health Daily pet bird diet with DHA Omega-3 helps support heart, brain and visual functions. Delicious seed-based blend of fresh seeds, grains, and ...
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Kaytee® Forti-Diet® Pro Health™ Egg-Cite! Parrot Food

As low as $9.99
Mixed seed Parrot food with real egg crumbles Contains a nutritious blend of natural seeds, fortified pellets and other Parrot favorites Varied source of healthy protein, vitamins, and minerals to support Parrot health Tap into the protein power of real egg to help keep your Parrot healthy. Kaytee's seed and grain mix diet is packed with real egg crumbles to ...
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Kaytee® Forti-Diet® Pro Health™ Parrot Diet w/Safflower

As low as $11.99
Safflower seeds are added to this seed-based blend for added protein and fat to maintain healthy skin, muscles, and feather health DHA Omega-3 fatty acids promote healthy heart, brain and visual functions Contains antioxidant nutrients and probiotics Safflower based seed diet for parrots contains DHA Omega-3 fatty acids to promote healthy heart, brain, and visual functions. Palatable daily ...
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Kaytee Rainforest Foraging Diet for Macaws

As low as $15.99
This rainforest-inspired foraging diet for macaws and large parrots combines the reliability of a nutritionally-fortified daily diet with the excitement and enrichment of species-specific ingredients similar to those found in your bird's natural habitat. Natural vegetation, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and flower petals provide the nutritional variety and mental stimulation nature intended, ...
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