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Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo

As low as $15.99
Conveniently packaged kit at a great value eases tropical reptile lighting selection. Zoo Med Tropical Lighting Combo includes a Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture and a 60W Zoo Med Daylight Blue Reptile Bulb great for illuminating and heating tropical reptile or amphibian terrariums. Included Zoo Med Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture features a polished aluminum dome interior that ...
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Zoo Med Naturalistic Terrarium Hood

As low as $23.99
Reptile terrarium hood provides your reptile with a reliable heat and light source Use with incandescent heat bulbs, compact fluorescent UVB bulbs, daylight or nightlight bulbs Dual on/off switches allow you to control each bulb independently Multi-function terrarium hood helps increase heat and light penetration in your reptile habitat. This attractive hood's simplistic design compliments ...
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Exo Terra Sun Glo Neodymium Showcase Daylight Lamp

As low as $4.99
2-in-1 incandescent lamp provides reptiles crucial light and heatIncrease ambient daytime temperature in your reptile terrariumBroad-spectrum daylight lamp emits UVA light for reptile well-being Showcase reptile habitats with this versatile general purpose lamp. Exo Terra Sun Glo Neodymium Daylight Lamp provides light and heat for dual use in the diurnal lizard, snake, gecko, or amphibian ...
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Zoo Med Incandescent Daylight Blue Reptile Bulbs

As low as $4.79
Uncoated blue glass bulb enables ideal heat transfer and a full spectrum of light An excellent heat source for your reptile or amphibian UVA helps stimulate normal feeding behavior An excellent source of daytime heat, Daylight Blue Reptile Bulbs offer the UVA needed to stimulate normal feeding behavior in reptiles and amphibians. The uncoated blue glass enables better heat transfer ...
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Exo Terra Sun Glo Basking Spot Lamp

As low as $4.99
Broad-spectrum daylight and basking heat for diurnal reptiles Lamp provides reptiles UVA rays and heat for thermoregulation Spot lamp offers directional light and heat within reptile habitats Recreate natural daytime basking areas in your reptile terrarium. Exo Terra Sun Glo Basking Spot Lamp directs light and heat to create areas perfect for basking. Diurnal reptiles can enjoy the benefits ...
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Mini Compact Bulbs

As low as $7.99
Intensify the lighting of your small aquarium Shines brighter than incandescent with less wattage Fits into standard medium-based lamp sockets Energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs offer more intensity and longer life than incandescent bulbs while saving space and generating less heat. Each 10W compact fluorescent bulb shines as bright as a 50W incandescent for an easy way to upgrade ...
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