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Affordable, Quality Horse Supplies Online at Drs. Foster and Smith

Find a great selection of quality horse supplies at Drs. Foster and Smith! Find the best-fitting horse blankets, turnout blankets, and sheets, along with horse leg protection products like leg wraps, fly boots, and ice boots. Help protect your horse from insects with our selection of fly sprays, fly masks and sheets, fly traps, ointments and balms.

Proper grooming is important, so look at our line of horse grooming products like clippers, mane and tail shampoos and conditioners, hoof picks, hoof care and dressing materials, farrier supplies, brushes, and combs. We also offer electric horse fences and paddock supplies to help keep your horse safe.

Save on all your stable necessities and barn equipment including feeders, hay bags, water buckets, manure forks, stock tank de-icers, and more.

Find a variety of entertaining horse toys and delicious healthy horse treats for your equine. Offering equine toys and occasional horse treats are an important way to occupy your horse and prevent boredom and vices.

Keep your horse healthy with our great selection of horse medical supplies and horse health products including equine first aid kits, liniments, wound care, ointments, and more. We also offer weight-building supplements for horses, along with a wide variety of feed supplements, vitamins, and minerals that cover everything from electrolyte replenishment to complete immune system health. Find the products you need to support calm behavior in your horse, like products that contain ingredients like natural herbs or L-tryptophan for horse calming support.

Horse worming is an essential part of equine care, so we offer equine wormers including Ivermectin pastes and Strongid parasite control products. Our pharmacy also carries prescription horse medications like pain relief medication, help for digestive system distress, horse vaccines and vaccine supplies, equine hormone treatments and more.

Looking for a great gift idea for a horse owner? Check out our great gifts for horse lovers. Find horse toys, treats, grooming aids, and horse calendars.

Visit our education center where you will find articles, information, and expert advice on horse keeping and care.

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