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Hikari Spirulina Fish Food

6 results

Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold+

As low as $41.29
Ensures the highest amount of carotenoid is absorbed by your cichlidsEnhances sheen and luster, and promotes balanced growthFloating pellets won't cloud the water Expect vivid coloration, not possible with other diets, as a direct result of the high levels of pure cultured spirulina and highly purified astaxanthin in Hikari Cichlid Bio-Gold+. The addition of beneficial microorganisms provides ...
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Hikari Frozen Discus Food

As low as $4.29
Fortified frozen food developed for all types of discusThree-step sterilization ensures optimal fish nutrition"No-touch" cube packs make feeding aquarium fish quick and clean A frozen alternative to beefheart offers maximum nutritional benefits in a natural frozen food. Meets the special nutritional needs of Discus. Shrimp and spirulina are included to provide excellent color enhancing ...
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Hikari Cichlid Excel

As low as $9.79
Natural color-enhancing daily diet great for all types of cichlidsEasy-to-digest pellets made with wheat-germ, spirulina and more Nutritious formula also great for herbivorous (plant eating) fish Specially formulated for herbivorous fish. These floating pellets combine wheat germ and spirulina for protein, plus vitamins and minerals to provide a diet that is high in nutrition, easily ...
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Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel Mini

As low as $12.49
Daily diet for aquarium cichlids in a convenient sinking pellet formPure-cultured spirulina enhances vibrant African Cichlid colorationEasy-to-digest pellets sink to deliver nutrition to aquarium herbivores Target-feed herbivorous African Cichlids to enhance vibrant coloration. Hikari Sinking Cichlid Excel Mini is a powerful color-enhancing daily diet that sinks to deliver quality nutrition ...
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Hikari Frozen Spirulina Brine Shrimp

As low as $3.79
Frozen brine shrimp fortified with spirulina algae, vitamins, and mineralsAlgae-rich diet for all types of freshwater and marine fishProvides excellent nutrition and superior natural color enhancement The most powerful color-enhancing brine shrimp available. Hikari starts with the world's cleanest brine shrimp, grown in algae-rich ponds and gut-loaded with pure-cultured spirulina! Hikari's ...
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Saki-Hikari™ Fancy Goldfish Color Enhancing Formula

As low as $16.29
Advanced goldfish diet developed for optimum nutrient utilizationContains highly purified astaxanthin for vivid goldfish colorationRevolutionary health-improving diet for all ornamental goldfish Advanced daily nutrition for gorgeous show quality goldfish. Top quality Saki-Hikari™ Fancy Goldfish pellets are the breeder preferred diet for all types of fancy, ornamental goldfish. This ...
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