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Hikari Nutritional Pet Food

5 results

Hikari Silversides

As low as $12.99
Vitamin-enriched frozen silversides for carnivorous aquarium fishWhole silversides retain natural shape and nutritional benefitsAdd variety to the diet of large, predatory "monster" aquarium fish Maximize nutrition for your large piscivorous (fish eating) aquarium fish with less mess. Hikari frozen Silversides boast the Bio-Pure® 3-step sterilization process for unequalled product quality. ...
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Hikari Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell

As low as $2.49
Tasty frozen clams include half shell to benefit aquarium diet Clam shell aids natural tooth wear in fish such as puffers Flavorful meaty clams aid osmotic process in marine fish species Provide toothy aquarium carnivores maximum nutrition PLUS dental benefits. Hikari Bio-Pure Clam On A Half Shell makes a great meaty addition to the carnivore diet. Juicy freshwater clams include ...
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Hikari Mysis Shrimp

As low as $11.29
Vitamin-rich nutrition ideal for all freshwater fish, marine fish, and seahorses Three-step sterilization ensures quality frozen mysis shrimp "No-touch" cube packs provide maximum nutrition with less mess Hikari Bio-Pure Mysis Shrimp offers maximum nutritional benefits in a natural frozen food. Ideal for all freshwater fish, marine fish, and seahorses. Three-step sterilization ensures optimal ...
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Hikari Frozen Discus Food

As low as $4.29
Fortified frozen food developed for all types of discusThree-step sterilization ensures optimal fish nutrition"No-touch" cube packs make feeding aquarium fish quick and clean A frozen alternative to beefheart offers maximum nutritional benefits in a natural frozen food. Meets the special nutritional needs of Discus. Shrimp and spirulina are included to provide excellent color enhancing ...
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Hikari Shrimp Cuisine

As low as $3.49
Scientifically developed diet for freshwater ornamental shrimpShrimp Cuisine contains minerals shrimp require for proper growthSmall sinking discs ensure proper shrimp nutrition without excess Keep your pet shrimp healthy and looking their best with Hikari Shrimp Cuisine. This premium diet was developed specifically for freshwater ornamental shrimp especially the popular caridina and ...
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