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Hikari Floating Pet Food

7 results

Hikari First Bites

As low as $2.29
Nutritious specialty food for newborn aquarium fish Provides newborn fish balanced nutrition for rapid growth Slowly sinking granules great for livebearer or egg-laying aquarium fish Hikari First Bites provide complete and balance nutrition for the all important development stage of your fry's life. Hikari First Bites promote proper feeding habits, long-term health, and superior disease ...
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Betta Bio-Gold

As low as $1.99
Color enhancing floating pellet food for aquarium Betta fish Premium ingredients support enhanced Betta coloration & nutrition Baby pellets allow easy access to nutrition uniquely beneficial to Bettas Betta Bio-Gold's special, indoor color-enhancing ingredients tremendously enrich and maintain Bettas' already naturally vivid coloration, and its delicious shrimp-and fish-based formula is ...
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Hikari Jumbo CarniSticks

As low as $37.29
Floating carnivore stick food ideal for large Arowana, top-feeding "monster" aquarium fish Extremely flavorful, color enhancing diet for aquarium carnivores Nutritious live food alternative has the caloric equivalent of one live goldfish Deliver irresistible nutrition where surface-feeding aquarium carnivores eat. Hikari Jumbo CarniStick is the perfect choice for large, "monster" aquarium ...
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Hikari Cichlid Excel

As low as $9.79
Natural color-enhancing daily diet great for all types of cichlidsEasy-to-digest pellets made with wheat-germ, spirulina and more Nutritious formula also great for herbivorous (plant eating) fish Specially formulated for herbivorous fish. These floating pellets combine wheat germ and spirulina for protein, plus vitamins and minerals to provide a diet that is high in nutrition, easily ...
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Hikari Tropical Food Sticks

As low as $19.29
Floating Food Sticks for large carnivorous fishNutritionally balanced alternative to live food itemsHigh quality carotenoids promote brilliant colors Scientific daily diet for all carnivorous aquarium fish. Nutritionally complete Food Sticks are developed as a smart alternative to live foods. Specially formulated to help prevent nutritional deficiencies commonly associated with a diet ...
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Hikari Goldfish Pellet Diets

As low as $12.99
Premium pellet diet for ornamental or fancy goldfishSpecially formulated for exceptional goldfish nutritionContain stabilized Vitamin C to promote goldfish health Offer Hikari premium pellet diet for your prized ornamental goldfish. These specially formulated pellets provide outstanding daily nutrition and encourage healthy growth and color development. Nutritious pellets contain vitamins and ...
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Hikari Micro Pellets

As low as $72.79
Nutritious micro-encapsulated pellet food for tropical aquarium fishExcellent food choice for small tropical fish like tetras and barbsSemi-floating pellets ideal for fish that feed at the surface or mid-water Quality pellet food specially developed for small-mouth tropical fishes. Highly digestible, multi-colored Micro Pellets are formulated to provide small tropical fish such as tetras and ...
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