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Pet Supplies Wish List
Use your Wish List to save products you frequently reorder, to schedule email reminders, or to send gift ideas to friends & family.
To use the Wish List, you must be registered: Login to your account, or create a new account here

To start building your list, look for the Add to My Wish List button in the ordering area of every product page. (Note: you must be logged in with cookies enabled to enjoy Wish List features.)

How to Start Building a Wish List

Look at the top left of each page to find "Your Account." Click this to be brought to your account settings. This will bring you to your account settings, where you can access and edit many things, including your list.

Accessing Your Wish List

Manage your list at any time: Simply visit My Account following the above directions.
  • Use the Select boxes to choose which products you wish to Add to Cart or Email to a Friend, then click the appropriate button below.

  • Click the Schedule link under each product to send yourself an email reminder to revisit your list at a later date.

  • Remove any item from your list using the icon.

* Drs. Foster & Smith will not send any unsolicited newsletters or promotions to your wish list recipient(s).

Sample Wish List

Sending your wish list to a friend. In just three simple steps you can send your wish list to a friend or family member. It makes a great way to give gift ideas for birthdays, holidays, or just because.

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