Reminder Service Frequently Asked Questions
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Email Reminder Service

What is the email reminder service for?
To ensure that you never run out of the things your pet needs the most. Like Joint Care, pet food, bird seed, heartworm medication, flea and tick products, prescriptions and more. Simply set up your email reminder a few weeks before you would typically run out, to remind you that you need to place an order. That way you’ll never need to scramble at the last minute or be without the products you need.

How do I set up email reminders?
There are 3 ways to set up reminders:

  1. After you complete an order, we will set up email reminders automatically on the items you purchased if you wish.
  2. Set up reminders for products by entering in their product numbers in the Email Reminder Service page.
  3. Set up event or other reminders using your own personal calendar in the Email Reminder Service page.

How often will an email reminder be sent?
You can schedule reminders starting with a specific date, and have them emailed 1 time, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months, every 4 months, or every 6 months.

Can I cancel email reminders?
Yes, you can easily cancel or change your email reminder schedule at any time.

Can I set up email reminders for things other than products?
Yes, you can set up custom email reminders for anything you wish. Remind yourself to give your pet his heartworm medication, give him a bath, trim his nails, or even schedule birthday or anniversary reminders! You may also add custom notes. Your calendar is accessible through the Email Reminder Service page.

How do I access the Email Reminder Service?
To access our Email Reminder Service, you must have an account with If you have an account, you simply need to login, and then click here! If you do not have an account, you can easily and quickly set one up. Having an account with Drs. Foster and Smith will also enable you to checkout faster in the future.

Already logged in? Click here to start using our Email Reminder Service today!

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