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Full Spectrum Freshwater Lighting
9 results

Coralife 50/50 Lamps

As low as $14.99
Full-spectrum lamps enhance color and clarity in freshwater, marine, and reef aquariums. Lamp phosphors are 50% 6000 degreeK natural daylight and 50% Actinic 03 blue. Watts Length Diameter 15 18" T-8 17 24" T-8 25 36" T-8 32 48" T-8 Please click on "More Information" for spectrum graph. Tips from our Techs The Blue or Actinic spectrum element in combination ...
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Current USA Freshwater Flexible LED Strip Lights

As low as $53.99
Latest LED technology for freshwater aquarium hobbyists means easy upgrades in minutes. Current USA Flexible LED Strip Lights with adhesive backing easily retrofits onto light fixtures or canopies for enhanced LED aquarium illumination with dynamic lighting effects in just minutes! Enjoy amazing LED upgrade without having to replace existing aquarium light fixtures. Current USA Freshwater ...
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Mini Compact Bulbs

As low as $8.99
Intensify the lighting of your small aquariumShines brighter than incandescent with less wattageFits into standard medium-based lamp sockets Energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs offer more intensity and longer life than incandescent bulbs while saving space and generating less heat. Each 10W compact fluorescent bulb shines as bright as a 50W incandescent for an easy way to upgrade ...
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Coralife Colormax HO T5 Lamp

As low as $9.99
Full-spectrum HO T5 fluorescent lamps for freshwater aquariumsBrightens aquarium interior better than regular fluorescent lampsEnhances the natural beauty of tropical aquarium fish and plants Illuminate freshwater aquariums with full spectrum light to maximize aquarium beauty. Coralife Colormax HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps emit a warm glow that enhances the natural beauty of aquarium fish and ...
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Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture

As low as $132.95
LED aquarium light fixture with controllable 8000°K & RGB LEDs Delivers powerful full spectrum light great for planted aquariums Wireless remote control allows on-demand aquarium light effects Brilliant LED fixture delivers powerful adjustable full spectrum lighting. Ecoxotic E-Series Full Spectrum LED Light Fixture with proprietary blend of white and RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LEDs satisfies the ...
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Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture

As low as $89.99
RGB & 6500K White LED light fixture for freshwater aquariums Select from endless color blends for amazing aquarium illumination Included remote allows more options for custom aquarium lighting Add WOW to freshwater aquariums with never-before-seen LED color blends. Current USA Satellite Freshwater LED+ Fixture is the industry's first RGB (Red, Green, Blue) PLUS White LED light fixture ...
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Tropic Giesemann POWERCHROME T5 Lamps from CoralVue

As low as $18.95
Full spectrum 6,500°K 5/8" diameter T5 fluorescent aquarium lamps Recreate natural sunlight effects in freshwater & marine aquariums Great for aquariums housing aquatic plants and shallow reef corals Recreate natural sunlight effects with functional and aesthetically pleasing aquarium lighting. Tropic Giesemann POWERCHROME T5 Lamps from CoralVue deliver full spectrum light with enhanced ...
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EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 Freshwater LED Light Fixture

As low as $45.00
High end features of reef aquarium LED light fixtures now available for freshwater hobbyists. EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 Freshwater LED Light Fixture features the latest in LED technology delivering full spectrum light output specifically designed to fulfill the requirements of today's freshwater tropical and planted aquariums. Use single or multiple units to satisfy the lighting needs of ...
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Hamilton Technology Linear Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamps

As low as $19.99
Light up any aquarium with powerful compact fluorescent lighting boasting color spectrum choices beyond the ordinary. Hamilton Technology Linear Pin Compact Fluorescent Lamps are the product of 20 years of US and German technology to deliver the best aquarium lighting you demand. Enjoy aquarium lighting that supplies concentrated light intensity, color spectrum and wavelength vital for ...
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