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Freshwater Hardness Test Kit
4 results

ELOS AquaTest Freshwater GH Test Kit

As low as $16.99
Italian-made freshwater aquarium GH test kit for lab-quality results Titrimetric test kit allows quick, accurate measurement of aquarium GH NIST-validated reagents offer aquarium hobbyists a high degree of accuracy Italian-made titrimetric GH test kit for freshwater aquariums boasts three-point check system to provide accurate, lab-quality test result for aquarium hobbyists. ELOS AquaTest ...
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ELOS AquaTest KH Alkalinity Test Kit

As low as $17.99
Precise titration kH (carbonate hardness) test kit for quick and accurate results. ELOS AquaTest KH Alkalinity Test Kit boasts Italian-made quality delivering a high degree of accuracy to the home aquarium hobbyist. Lab quality test kit employs highest-quality reagents validated using NIST (National Institute of Standard and Technology) certified samples to ensure accuracy right from the ...
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API GH/KH Test Kit

As low as $5.99
Liquid test solutions accurately measure aquarium GH and KHMonitor general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH) for stable aquarium pHTest and monitor tap water to ensure proper aquarium water parameters Test tap water and freshwater aquariums for general hardness (GH) and carbonate hardness (KH). These two water parameters help maintain stable pH crucial for a healthy aquarium ...
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Salifert Carbonate Hardness/Alkalinity Test Kit

As low as $16.99
Professional test kit for carbonate hardness and alkalinity Precision alkalinity test kit allows proper aquarium supplementation Alkalinity plays an important role in maintaining stable aquarium pH High-end alkalinity test kit for serious aquarium hobbyists. Maintaining proper carbonate hardness and alkalinity is essential for all types of aquariums, especially marine reef aquariums. ...
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