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Freshwater Energy Efficient Pump
7 results

Sicce Voyager HP Stream Pumps

As low as $179.85
Italian-made high-performance aquarium water circulation pumps Invigorate large aquariums with powerful flow rates up to 4,000 gph Enhanced directional range optimizes aquarium water movement Satisfy demanding high water flow requirements of large aquariums with ease. Sicce Voyager HP Stream Pumps provide a versatile and energy-efficient solution delivering high flow rates, greater range of ...
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Aqueon Circulation Pump

As low as $38.99
Boost vital aquarium water movement using less electricity Aquarium circulation pump recreates natural water currents Locking suction cup for easy aquarium installation and removal Reproduce river and reef currents to create a natural, realistic aquarium environment. The Aqueon Circulation Pump generates water movement inspired by nature to benefit both freshwater and reef aquarium systems. ...
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Altum Aquatics Nano Air S1 Aquarium Air Pump

As low as $16.99
Satisfy aeration needs of small aquariums and Betta bowls without bulky oversized equipment. Altum Aquatics Nano Air S1 Aquarium Air Pump is a compact air pump measuring just 2" wide and 1" high. Extremely energy-efficient air pump runs on just 1.8 watts and boasts ultra quiet operation. Includes airstone and 40" length of flexible airline tubing for convenient use right ...
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Lifegard Aquatics Quiet One Pro Pumps

As low as $53.26
Energy-efficient aquarium pump redesigned for quiet, long-lasting use. The popular Quiet One multipurpose aquarium pumps now boast remarkable impeller technology and corrosion-resistant bearings to help ensure quiet operation and longer life. These powerful and versatile pumps are great for underwater or dry (external) applications. Perfect for use as a return pump for any freshwater or ...
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Supreme Hy-Drive Aquarium Pumps

As low as $219.99
Magnetic/Direct Drive hybrid aquarium pump combines power with low energy useStainless steel aquarium pump rotor means greater corrosion and wear resistanceContinuous duty pump designed to silently move large volume of aquarium water Powerful and energy-efficient pumps for larger custom aquarium filtration systems. Hy-Drive pumps boast hybrid technology that combines the power of direct drive ...
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Eheim Compact Pump

As low as $15.00
Powerful German-engineered adjustable flow rate pump boasts low energy consumption and versatile use for an outstanding value. Eheim Compact Pump features a compact, energy-efficient design that delivers reliable power where space is limited. Fully submersible Compact Pump makes a great powerhead or circulation pump. Attach tubing to the outlet to accommodate a variety of aquarium projects. ...
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Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump

As low as $166.10
VERY energy-efficient pond pump for submersible or inline use Powerful pumps deliver reliable, maintenance-free performance Small footprint and rotating outlet ease pump plumbing & installation High performance pump boasts power, energy efficiency and versatile installation all at a great value. The smartly priced Lifegard Aquatics PG Pump is the budget-friendly pump choice perfect for ...
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