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Foraging Wood Beads Toy

6 results

Triple Bamboo Rings

As low as $6.99
Bird foraging toy relieves stress as your bird nibbles and chews Hide bird-favorite foods inside the vine balls for your bird to discover Climbing toy lets your bird get in-cage exercise and nibbling can relieve preening behaviors Hang this engaging, cage-enrichment toy right where your bird can play with it. Tempting textures on this climbable, chewable toy give your bird ...
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Calypso Creations Short Stack and Club Bird Toys

As low as $6.39
Colorful hanging bird toy full of fun engaging items to chew & shred Varied textures offer birds a satisfying & acceptable chewing outlet Two sizes to keep a wider variety of pet bird species mentally & physically active Take a bite out of cage boredom with colorful concoctions of shreddable, chewable delights. Calypso Creations Short Stack and Club Bird Toys ...
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Grass Ball Foot Toy

As low as $2.99
Tightly woven straw ball has wood beads and rope attached Medium birds like conures or parrotlets can use these as foot toys Each ball features multiple textures for your bird to chew Give your bird a foot toy he can really get into chewing! Multiple bird-favorite textures include tightly-woven straw, colorful wood beads/blocks, and sisal to satisfy your bird's instinctual ...
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Cactus Bird Toy Activity Center

As low as $39.99
Towering 44" toy boasts wood blocks, paper rope and plastic beads Replaceable paper rope delivers chew-time bliss to large birds The ideal activity center for birds that love to forage and chew No prickly spikes deter your bird from this "cactus" - just plenty of wood blocks for climbing and paper rope for shredding. The thick wooden blocks are vegetable ...
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Party Chimes

As low as $3.99
Two levels spin and turn Multiple textures keep birds intrigued Colored with vegetable based dye Watch your small bird pull and preen the paper streamers, pick at the plastic beads, and peck and chew the wood slats. Made with pine, vine, paper, and steel. Place small nuts or seeds in the wicker ball for your small bird to forage. Dangles ...
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Loofa Foot Toy

As low as $2.99
Multiple textures, like natural loofa, wood, and rope tempt avian chew instinct Great for birds that like to grasp items with their feet Easy-grasp loofa is a perfect place to put treats and other snacks for foraging Give your pet bird a foot toy to promote needed exercise, both mental and physical, as well as foot dexterity. Numerous textures on ...
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