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Feather Spray

4 results

Nala Barry Bird-Spray

As low as $5.89
Safe, ready-to-use spray for pet birds helps reduce feather plucking Contains natural ingredients - no harsh chemicals harmful to pet birds Bird-Spray also conditions bird feathers to add and restore luster Avoid harsh chemicals to prevent feather plucking. Nala Barry Bird-Spray is a smart alternative made with natural ingredients specially formulated to help reduce feather plucking. Contains ...
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Avian Solution Daily Bath Spray

As low as $9.99
Daily spray cleanses your bird's feathers with electrolyzed waterOxidizing power of electrolyzed water leaves bird feathers cleanClean bird skin and feathers without damaging soaps or fragrances Avian Solution Daily Bath Spray employs the oxidizing power of electrolyzed water to leave feathers naturally clean, fresh and vibrant. This multi-use spray is great as a safe, daily spray bath or an ...
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Feather Glo Bird Bath Spray

As low as $11.19
Relieve feather picking in your birdCreate softer, brighter plumageMinimize molting and mess Bird Bath Spray's soothing formula penetrates under your bird's feathers to wash and revitalize the skin and keep natural oil glands open. Fatty acid-based, it can be used daily on all caged birds. Also softens and brightens plumage, quickly relieves feather picking and scratching, and tightens ...
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Natra Pet Bird Bath Spray

As low as $7.99
Vitamin-fortified plumage and skin conditioner with natural preen oilSoftens and beautifies plumage - feathers shine with a healthy lusterHelps retain moisture and soothes dry, itchy skin Ideal for dry, itchy skin or birds with feather disorders. Natural ingredients like preen oil, wheat germ oil, aloe, and lanolin help retain moisture, tighten feathers, and add sheen. Contains Vitamins A, D, ...
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