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Farnam Vitamin Supplement

4 results

Mare Plus® Supplement by Farnam

As low as $72.24
Rich in Vitamins A, D3, and E, as well as calcium, phosphorus, and iodine Helps build and condition mares to meet the demands of pregnancy Keeps mares in top form during gestation, foaling, and lactation A vitamin-mineral supplement to bring the mare's system into a properly balanced condition, optimal for conception, parturition, and lactation. Concentrated, scientifically formulated and ...
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H.B. 15™ Hoof Supplement by Farnam

As low as $46.74
D-Biotin, the natural, most usable form Methionine and lysine to increase protein utilization Vitamin B6 to aid in amino acid metabolism Support your horse's healthy hooves. H.B. 15 has been specially formulated to contain biotin and the amino acids lysine and methionine. Amino acids are the "building blocks" of the body and enable a horse to make the best possible ...
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Red Cell® Horse Supplement by Farnam

As low as $18.74
Contains 300 mg. of chelated iron per oz liquid & per 1/2 oz pellets Supports normal blood cell health Yucca-flavored for added palatability Your horse can have the same multivitamin and mineral supplement given to champion horses. Iron-rich Red Cell is a palatable yucca-flavored multivitamin/iron/mineral feed supplement formulated to provide supplemental vitamins and minerals that may be ...
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Quitt® Supplement by Farnam

As low as $19.99
Horse feed additive helps stop wood chewingContains alfalfa, wheat, molasses, vitamins, and mineralsSimple two ounce per day dosage is easy to administer Get to the source of - and stop - your horse's bad wood chewing habits. Revolutionary natural food additive contains a highly palatable blend of tasty ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to help stop your horse from chewing on ...
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