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Farnam Horse Supplies

5 results

Leather New® by Farnam

As low as $11.99
Advanced formulas clean, condition, & polish leather saddles & halters Softens and restores leather with a long-lasting, show-quality shine Leaves no greasy residue and won't harm stitching Protect new and restore old leather saddles and halters with ease using Leather New cleanser and conditioner. Versatile, advanced formulas clean, condition, and polish horse saddles, halters, bridles, and ...
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Chew Stop™ Aerosol by Farnam

As low as $12.99
Hot cinnamon taste spray stops unwanted chewing and cribbing Convenient solution protects fences, corrals, stalls, blankets, and more Clear liquid spray won't stain or discolor wood or painted surfaces Spray a hot cinnamon taste to help stop cribbing and chewing. Convenient aerosol spray quickly coats almost any object to help curb your horse's bad habits. Use on wooden or painted ...
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Quitt® Supplement by Farnam

As low as $19.99
Horse feed additive helps stop wood chewingContains alfalfa, wheat, molasses, vitamins, and mineralsSimple two ounce per day dosage is easy to administer Get to the source of - and stop - your horse's bad wood chewing habits. Revolutionary natural food additive contains a highly palatable blend of tasty ingredients, vitamins, and minerals to help stop your horse from chewing on ...
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Farnam Bronco® E and Bronco® Gold

As low as $7.99
Kills and repels 6 fly species: stable, horn, house, face, horse, and deer flies Bronco also kills and repels mosquitoes and gnats Bronco Gold is also a grooming aid and coat conditioner Kill and repel 6 species of pesky flies, plus mosquitoes and gnats, to increase your horse's comfort and improve the environment in your horse barns and stables. These ...
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Incredible Wonder Fork by Farnam

As low as $24.99
Durable basket-shaped horse manure fork speeds stall mucking Lightweight design features tough plastic tines and a hardwood handle Easily clean your stall, barn, stable, trailer, or pathways in less time Speed manure removal from the stall, barn, stable, or trailer. Ingenious horse manure fork features a large, built-in basket to trap more waste, but let bedding and shavings fall through. ...
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