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Zilla Slimline Desert Reptile Light Fixture

As low as $27.99
Fulfill photo-biological requirement of desert reptiles even in setups where space is limited. Zilla Slimline Desert Reptile Light Fixture is a lightweight fluorescent light fixture featuring a low-profile design measuring just 1-3/4" high! High-quality T8 15W fluorescent light fixture comes fully assembled for easy use on top of a screen terrarium cover. Energy-efficient electronic ballast ...
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Fluorescent Strip Lights

As low as $54.99
Universal design fits all brands of aquariums and is excellent for either saltwater or freshwater applications. Affordable fluorescent light fixtures are vented for heat dissipation and made of high-impact polystyrene. Water-resistant rubber boots protect switches from corrosion. Electronic ballast for quiet, reliable performance. Light fixtures are timer compatible for convenient aquarium ...
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Vue660 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast

As low as $149.95
Versatile ballast drives various fluorescent aquarium lamps Drive up to 4 VHO, T5 HO or compact fluorescent lamps up to 440W Powerful electronic ballast perfect for custom aquarium lighting Reliable performance and flexibility to take on custom aquarium lighting installation projects! Vue660 Electronic Fluorescent Ballast is the energy-saving solution that lets creative DIY aquarium hobbyists ...
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Zilla Reptile Strip Light Tropical Fixture

As low as $37.99
Fluorescent light fixture and bulb for tropical-dwelling reptiles Quality reptile light features energy-efficient electronic ballast UVB light promotes proper calcium absorption and bone growth in reptiles Ensure proper UVB coverage with energy-efficient fluorescent lighting for reptiles. Zilla Reptile Strip Light Tropical Fixture offers a smart solution to lighting your reptile habitat. ...
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AquaticLife T5 HO and Lunar Light Fixtures

As low as $6.99
T-5 high output system for the hobbyist who wants complete and precise lighting control. Includes special 420/460nm lamps which produce a mix of actinic and blue light to benefit corals and enhance color, 10000 degreeK lamps with high PAR value that help corals to photosynthesize and Purple lamps that beautifully accentuate red pigments in corals. System offers precise independent control ...
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Phoenix Hexarc HQI Double-ended Metal Halide Lamp

As low as $39.99
Bring out the coloration of fish and corals while providing sufficient intensity for growth. Phoenix Hexarc HQI Double-ended Metal Halide Lamps boast best combination of color and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) value for superior aquarium coral growth. High quality metal halide lamp boasts consistent, long-lasting performance delivering 6,000-hour lamp life. Use with metal halide ...
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Coralife Lunar Aqualight HO T5 Aquarium Light Fixture

As low as $189.99
High output T5 fluorescent light fixture for marine aquariumsEnergy-efficient high performance 24-hour aquarium illuminationAdjust directional Lunar Blue LEDs for aquarium accent lighting Customize 24-hour reef aquarium lighting using less energy. Coralife Lunar Aqualight HO T5 Aquarium Light Fixture puts you in control of the latest energy-efficient technology to satisfy the unique lighting ...
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Coralife Aqualight HO T-5 Dual Lamp Aquarium Light Fixture

As low as $109.99
Energy-efficient high light output T-5 fluorescent light fixture Enjoy high performance aquarium illumination at a great price Sleek, space-saving design does not detract aquarium aesthetics Enjoy dazzling aquarium displays without high energy use. The Aqualight HO T-5 Dual Lamp strip light employs the latest energy-efficient technology to maximize aquarium illumination. High-output T-5 lamps ...
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