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Easy Fill Feeder
6 results

Flower Pot Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $19.99
Attract hummingbirds while also conveying serene elegance to backyard gardens. With a flower pot silhouette, this beautiful feeder gleams and glows shimmery indigo blue on a sunny day. It features a removable red blossom-shaped feeder port, a handsome powder-coated metal hanger, and holds 4 oz of nectar . A great addition to any garden; simply hang on a shepherd's hook ...
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Big Gulp™ Hummingbird Feeder

As low as $14.99
This feeder's 40 oz capacity is a boon for peak summer periods when multiple hummingbirds stop by to feed. Instead of running out of nectar every day, this feeder handles high traffic for multiple days. Big Gulp features a wide-mouth, glass bottle for easy filling and cleaning. The colorful red base features 7 ports and perches to welcome multiple hummingbirds ...
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Le Grande Gazebo Feeder

As low as $89.99
Extra-large wild bird feeder holds up to 20 lbs (13-1/2 quarts) of any birdseed ! That means less refilling for you. Smooth, curved design blends with any backyard. Offers a clear view on all sides and room for multiple birds to feed at once with its full-perimeter feeding tray. Built from decay-resistant Western Red Cedar, this birdfeeder also features an ...
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Copper 3-Tube Finch Feeder

As low as $36.99
Decorative wild bird feeder looks like a piece of backyard art Copper and polycarbonate finch feeder features 36 feed ports! Easy-to-clean, easy-to-fill Eye-catching multiple tube copper finch feeder brings finches flocking to your yard. UV-resistant polycarbonate tubes have 36 individual feeding ports to be sure that all your neighborhood finches have plenty of food to eat. Three tubes are ...
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Squirrel-Be-Gone III Triple Tube Bird Feeder

As low as $49.99
Outer cage and weighted perches stop squirrel damage and theft Bird feeder holds 3 different types of seed - 8 FULL QUARTS! Attractive feeder beautifully adorned with filigreed leaves Serve up dinner for three different species all at one station. Three easy-fill chambers have a total capacity of 8 quarts of mixed seed or sunflower seed. Nine staggered feeding ports, ...
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Bamboo Triple Chamber Bird Feeder

As low as $59.99
Enjoy more wild bird species and years, and years of reliable use. Nature's Way Bird Products Bamboo Triple Chamber Bird Feeder feature a triple chamber design so you can offer different seed types to attract a greater variety of wild bird species. Outstanding eco-friendly construction takes advantage of bamboo's natural properties to resist squirrels, insects and rot. Solid cross-ply bamboo ...
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