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Durable Pump

10 results

Aqua Medic Reef Dosing Pumps

As low as $123.99
Aquarium dosing pumps allow precision dispensing of liquid supplementsAutomate the dosing of liquid plant fertilizers, trace elements, calcium, and moreGreat for direct dosing of reef aquariums or as a feed pump for calcium reactors Designed for the aquarium hobbyist who needs accurate, reliable dosing of supplements. Precision peristaltic pump automates the dosing of liquid plant ...
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Eshopps IV Dosing Pump

As low as $279.99
Easy to program two-channel electronic aquarium dosing unit Automate aquarium supplementation from 1ml to 1,999 ml Expansion slave units upgrade aquarium doser up to an 8 channel unit 2-channel electronic aquarium dosing unit automates and simplifies precision aquarium supplementation. Eshopps IV Dosing Pump is a precise micro-computer controlled dosing pump that can dispense liquid aquarium ...
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Sicce EKO Power Pump

As low as $404.03
Powerful Italian-made solids-handling pond filter & waterfall pump Delivers high flow rates while processing pond debris up to 1/4" Ideal pump for driving surface skimmers, external filters, or waterfalls High flow rates up to 4,000 gph plus solids-handling capability up to 1/4" makes this Italian-made pump a true workhorse! Sicce EKO Power Pump delivers reliable performance even in demanding ...
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Professional Aeration Pumps

As low as $52.99
High volume aeration pumps for ponds and water gardens up to 14,000 gallons Powerful diaphragm pump promotes proper gas exchange Maintains proper oxygen levels for healthy pond inhabitants High-efficiency, high-volume air pumps for effective pond aeration. Durable design houses a powerful diaphragm pump to ensure reliable outdoor use. Special rubber feet absorb vibrations for quiet operation. ...
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EasyPro TM Series Low Head HI Volume Pump

As low as $942.71
Powerful submersible waterfall pump in three high flow rate models Durable high quality pump great for high volume pond applications Rugged pond pump handles suspended solids up to 1/2" in diameter Create impressive waterfalls, flowing streams, or ensure proper water flow in large koi ponds or water gardens. EasyPro TM Series Low Head HI Volume Pump delivers powerful flow rates ...
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Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps

As low as $299.99
High performance pond pumps designed for greater energy efficiency Powerful, versatile pump drives pond filtration unit, waterfalls & more Select models feature smart pump technology for optimum performance Significant technological and design innovations improve pump performance with greater energy efficiency. The reliable Max-Flo Waterfall & Filter Pumps operate on less wattage than the ...
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HY-Drive Waterfall Pumps

As low as $309.99
Our most energy-efficient high-capacity pond pump Designed specifically for large pond installations, including waterfalls and pond filtration Hybrid technology combines direct-drive power with magnetic-drive efficency and safety New hybrid technology combines the power of direct drive pumps and the energy efficiency and safety of magnetic drive pumps. These versatile pumps can be used ...
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Azoo Air Pump

As low as $6.49
Sleek, silent air pumps for 20-100 gallon aquariumsHigh output pressureSturdy, molded plastic, water-resistant construction This sleek, silent pump is more powerful than many of its competitors. Its high outlet pressure makes it suitable for deeper aquariums. Made with high quality, heavy-duty plastic with rubber feet and air port. Water resistant and durable. ModelAquarium Size# of ...
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Fish Mate Pond/Fountain Pumps

As low as $84.99
Versatile, multipurpose pumps power water fountains, waterfalls, and pond filtration systems Energy-efficient performance enables reliable solids-handling and very low operating costs Superior rotor design and durable ceramic shaft bearings ensure years of trouble-free operation Versatile multipurpose water pumps great for water fountains or driving pond filtration systems. Quality ...
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Little Giant Stainless Steel Submersible Water Feature Pump

As low as $379.99
Heavy-duty direct drive pump handles solids up to 1" diameter - ideal for koi ponds Great for driving waterfalls, streams, and other water features Non-clogging vortex impeller & thermal overload protection with auto-reset for years of safe, reliable pump use Create impressive water features with these heavy-duty submersible pumps. Rugged direct-drive submersible pumps boast dependable, ...
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