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Durable Catnip Toy
9 results

Energizing Toys

As low as $3.49
Energize your cat with toys stuffed with 100% premium catnip Excites cats with longer-lasting, strong scent of catnip Sized and shaped perfectly for wrestling and vigorous cat play Cats go crazy over Energizing Toys because fillers and stuffing are replaced with 100% premium catnip. The strong scent of catnip will stimulate feline senses and spark energetic play. Fun shapes are ...
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Corrugate Leaner Perching Scratch Post

As low as $6.99
Replaceable corrugate & slanted construction give kitty the ideal scratcher Stain-resistant carpet extends the life of this leaner & blends well in your home USA-made scratcher saves your home furnishings from kitty's claws Cats WILL use this scratcher, instead of your furniture - thanks to its cat-friendly slant and replaceable corrugate insert. The slight lean allows cats to scratch at ...
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Angle Scratcher for Cats

As low as $12.79
Prevent your cat from scratching on vertical furniture or other household surfaces by giving her a scratcher of her own. The Angle Scratcher is made of durable, stain-resistant carpeting with a sisal scratch surface and sturdy wooden base, for years of use. It is treated with catnip, which is appealing to cats, and will make your cat want to scratch ...
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Scratch 'n Post

As low as $14.99
Offer safe scratching for kitty with minimal pocketbook pinching for you. When his scratching urges go into overdrive, let him scratch, relieve boredom, or play vigorously on one of these economical yet durable scratching posts. A great way to spare your furniture! Scratch 'n Post is wrapped with 3/8" thick jute, one of a cat's favorite scratching surfaces. A jingly, ...
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Cat Sleepy Scratcher

As low as $24.99
Curvy scratcher has multiple textures for your kitty to scratch Your cat exercises his muscles and claws as he scratches this unique scratching bed S-shape makes a great, comfortable bed for any cat body Save your furniture and save space with this combo scratcher and cat bed. Shape is a cat-natural, curvy S, which is especially suited to a cat's ...
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HuggleKats 4 ct Toy Assortment

As low as $15.99
Even if your cat isn't a water lover, she'll love this colorful bunch of water characters. HuggleKats Toy Assortment features whimsical designs constructed to last. Each features super soft corduroy plush outer fabric. Inside, each toy is stuffed with US-grown, organic catnip and a little crinkle material to drive her wild. Set includes one each of these adorable designs: lobster, ...
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Roller Cat Toy

As low as $13.99
Rolling scratcher cat toy mimics your cat's favorite at-home game of unrolling paper Scratching toy covered with carpet saves your home furnishings from being clawed Rolling toy is covered with stain-resistant, scratchable carpet and is made in the USA No longer worry your cat will unroll your essential human paper products, when he has his own roller to play with. ...
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Claw Tuff Punch Ball for Cats

As low as $4.49
Fun, swatting cat toy features sturdy, carpeted square with exciting spring-action plush toy at the top Cat toy has scratchable surface to save your home furnishings Classic cat toy is made from stain-resistant carpet and is made in the USA Your cat has double the fun when he plays with this double-featured toy. First, your cat appreciates the scratchable, carpeted ...
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Dental Health Chew Toys with Catnip

As low as $3.99
Cat dental toys scrape soft tartar Filled with catnip and fibrous catnip stalks Satisfies cat's chewing, batting, and crunching urges Durable netted dental toys clean kitty's teeth and massage gums while she chews. Outer netting and streamers satisfy chewing and crunching instincts while removing soft tartar from your cat's teeth. The padded, catnip-filled center massages gums and releases ...
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