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Dog Peanut Butter Bones
5 results

Kong Goodie Bones

As low as $9.99
This is no ordinary bone toy. Kong Goodie Bones are made with that famous durable Kong rubber, and they feature treat-holding ends to turn playtime into reward time. Kong Goodie Bones have a top-to-bottom cavity on each end. Stuff each cavity with Kong Stuff 'N Snacks , peanut butter, or Kong Stuff 'N Easy Treat to increase playtime allure. The ...
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Super Heavyweight Rawhide Dog Bones

As low as $19.99
Dog chew treats made of extra-thick cuts of rawhide are high in protein, low in fat Made from premium American beefhide Natural - not bleached Choose a tasty dog bone treat in your dog's favorite shape. Knotted bones, retriever sticks, and 1-1/2" diameter rolls come in an unbleached, natural form. Ideal for bigger dogs and mega-chewers. Made from premium American ...
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Super Tough Pressed Rawhide Variety & Multi-Pack Dog Bones

As low as $11.99
Pressed rawhide dog bones are heavier and tougher than regular rawhide treats. Made from real cowhide, these dense chews are formed by "welding" numerous layers of rawhide with colossal pressure. The result is an ultra-dense, solid core that outlasts any other style of rawhide bone. They will provide hours of chewing pleasure for your dog! There are no harmful chemicals ...
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Filled Dog Bones by Red Barn

As low as $11.89
White, cut femur bones from beef cattle are stuffed with a wholesome, flavorful mixture to give your dog two treats in one. First, he'll wrap his teeth around the hard bone exterior (receiving teeth-cleaning benefits as he chews), and then he'll lick out the delicious soft filling from the ends. Bones are available in Small (3.25" long; 3.5 oz) or ...
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Booda Bones

As low as $7.99
Dog bones feature raised bumps to assist your dog's dental careHighly-digestible wheat-free chews made of food starch, dried yeast, and moreDental bones massage gums and scrape plaque as your dog chews Give your dog a hard-textured, wheat-free bone that massages gums and cleans teeth. The chew's bumpy surface assists your at-home dental care routine and helps fight plaque build-up. These ...
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