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Dishwasher Safe Interactive Toys
9 results

Kyjen Puzzle Toys for Dogs

As low as $8.99
Easily stimulate your treat-motivated dog's intellect. Challenging puzzle toys keep him busy and out of trouble, and offer a reward to keep him interested and entertained. Try all 4 to change up the challenge and bring new excitement. Teach your dog how to retrieve the treats, and then show off his smarts every time you have a visitor. Nontoxic, dishwasher-safe ...
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Busy Buddy Squeak 'n Treat Toys

As low as $10.99
Enjoy double the fun with a toy that functions as both a treat dispenser and a squeaker. Made from natural vanilla-scented rubber, these nontoxic toys offer Treat Meter prongs to slowly dispense small kibble or treats (sold separately). The other side of the toy has a built-in squeaker to tease and taunt your pet's every chomp. Gives you the squeaker-toy ...
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Stuff n' Throw Ball and Stuff n' Crunch Treats

As low as $7.19
Nontoxic interactive chew toy is made super tough to LAST Treat pockets can be filled with Stuff n' Crunch treats for rewarding fun This ball floats for water fun - it's also dishwasher safe and recyclable Stuff n' Throw Ball toy ensures hours of treat-retrieving fun. Its flexible, nontoxic composition is easy on dog's teeth and gums, yet super tough ...
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KONG Wobbler Dog Toy

As low as $13.49
Treat-dispensing toy and feeder helps prevent unhealthy gulping High-strength polymer toy wobbles, spins and rolls unpredictably Has a screw-off top for easy filling of dry kibble or small treats This treat-dispensing dog toy spins, rolls, and wobbles its way into your pet's playtime fun. The unpredictable action of the toy keeps the toy interesting, even for seasoned users. An excellent ...
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Tug-N-Toss Mini by Jolly Pets

As low as $5.99
Treat-dispensing toy offers tugging, fetching, bouncing, and treat-seeking fun. Made of nontoxic rubber, Tug-N-Toss features an easy-to-grip handle at the top, so it's easy for dogs to pick up. You can hold the rounded end and play tug with your pet. Tug-N-Toss is also a great way to reward your pet with a delicious treat. The bottom features a small ...
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Bionic Toys

As low as $14.99
Does your rough-and-tumble dog love to fetch, chomp, and chew, but consistently destroy toys? Bionic Toys withstand the rigors of demanding dogs for long-lasting fun! Made of Bionic Rubber - a proprietary, revolutionary, and FDA-food-grade material that withstands aggressive play and chewing - Bionic Toys are also 100% recyclable. Bionic Rubber has also been rigorously tested to ensure it is ...
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Kibble Nibble Dog Toy

As low as $9.99
Egg-shaped toy randomly dispenses dog food kibble Make mealtime more fun with this challenging dog toy Rolling toy features rubber bumpers to protect household surfaces Will your dog work for food? This egg-shaped toy randomly dispenses kibble through two variably-sized holes, but your dog must roll the ball to get it to dispense the kibble. Mentally and physically stimulating toy ...
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Everlasting Treat Ball for Dogs

As low as $3.99
Dog treat ball holds a delicious flavored treat to challenge and reward your dog Holds up to the toughest chewers and its unique wobbly design rolls erratically as your pet plays An ideal way to relieve boredom and remove plaque Everlasting Treat Ball is a treat AND a toy, all rolled up into one. Your pet will chew the durable, ...
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Dog Treat Maze

As low as $16.99
Does your pet gulp his pet food? Is he overweight? If so, try serving his kibble in the Dog Treat Maze. This clever maze was designed by Nina Ottosson to provide hours of brain-teasing fun while also substantially extending mealtime. Slower eating may help dogs feel satiated with less food and support healthier digestion. If you have multiple dogs in ...
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