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Crunchy Protein Dog Treat
8 results

Chicken Feet Dog Treats by Pet Ventures

As low as $29.99
Dogs go crazy for these fully digestible, crunchy treats. Dried to crunchy perfection, the multiple textures on these chicken feet treats help promote clean teeth and healthy gums as your dog chews. No additives or preservatives. Sizes range from 4"-5" long. Shop other natural dog treats . Please click on "More Information" for chewing recommendations.
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Charlee Bear Dog Treats

As low as $4.99
A great way to reward your precious pooch. Dogs have loved the taste of Charlee Bear treats for nearly 2 decades. There's something about the taste, the crunch, and the aroma they want to gobble up. And at only 3 calories each, you can be comfortable giving them out for a straight sit, a long down, a near-perfect heel - ...
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Grain Free Bear Crunch Dog Treats by Charlee Bear®

As low as $5.49
Grain-free, natural treats deliver delightful crunch and low calories USA-made snacks with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors No wheat, no corn and no soy - ideal for pets with sensitivities With wholesome natural ingredients and less than 3 calories per treat, you can feel good about giving Grain Free Bear Crunch treats. These treats offer irresistible crunch and delicious ...
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It's Purely Natural™ Dog Treats

As low as $3.99
Delicious jerky treats are made with all-natural meats, poultry, vegetables, and whole grains. These luscious snacks are slow-cooked to perfection, with a delicious crunchy texture no dog can resist. Ingredients in It's Purely Natural Treats are locally-sourced and made in the USA. They contain no soy, no wheat, no by-products, no glycerin, no gluten, no additives, and no fillers - ...
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Chicken or Duck Fillets Dog Treats

As low as $16.99
A customer-favorite, high-protein, low-fat dog treat! Crunchy, 100% real Chicken or Duck Try both flavors for snack time variety! 100% poultry fillets in TWO mouthwatering varieties! The smart choice for dogs that crave both a crunchy, crisp texture AND the savory flavor of real poultry. Low-fat, gourmet fillets are a delicious and sensible reward, and they deliver the quality protein ...
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Paras Pets Milkotein™ Dog Treat Bars

As low as $5.89
First-of-its-kind low-fat, low calorie, and VERY high protein dog treat Long-lasting dog treat is also gluten-free, grain-free, and soy-free Advanced form of Himalayan churpi made with just milk & lime juice Why offer your dog high-protein treats with grains, gluten, soy, artificial flavors and colors, binding agents and preservatives? Instead, offer premium quality Milkotein Dog Treat Bars ...
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Premium Natural Multi-Grain Dog Biscuits

As low as $44.99
Premium dog biscuits packed with grains and veggies Includes fish meal, a source of protein and Omega 3 Great for dogs with food sensitivities Tasty multi-grain dog biscuits contain natural ingredients including barley, brewers rice and oat groats along with dried carrots, fish meal, flaxseed meal, and garlic powder. Unique protein and carbohydrate sources, without wheat, soy, or corn. Ideal ...
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Pizzle Dog Chews

As low as $10.99
Made from real dried steerpizzle, these chews are incrediblefavorites and a great alternativeto rawhide. The rich flavor andcrunchy texture keeps dogschewing for hours. You'll lovethat the chews clean plaque offyour dog's teeth while he chews. Braided Pizzles have even moresurface area with bumps andridges for teeth cleaning andgum massage. Natural chews will vary in size. Please click on ...
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