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Cotton Rope Parakeet Toy

5 results

Paradise Fireworks Bird Toys

As low as $4.59
Exciting interactive toy engages your bird's senses & instincts Paper, corn husk, wooden blocks provide preening & chewing fun Hanging bird toy also makes a perfect swinging perch Light the fuse on an explosion of fun when you hang a colorful Fireworks toy in your bird's cage. Shreddable paper flames, a woven cornhusk perching tube, colorful wooden blocks for chewing, ...
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Woven Corn Husk Toys

As low as $6.99
A variety of textures includes cornhusk, wood, and vine balls Simply place treats inside vine balls and watch your bird forage away Great as a climbing place and Supreme Cotton won't tangle in your bird's toes A climbable toy with many other bird-favorite features. Pieces of varying textures are held together with a steel wire. Tough but soft cornhusk is ...
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Tropical Teasers Tiki Hut Bird Toy

As low as $5.99
Fun, multipurpose activity toy made with coconut shells for pet birds Multiple play options keep pet birds mentally and physically active Coconut fibers satisfy your pet bird's natural urge to pluck and preen Natural coconut shells adorned with cotton rope, plastic beads, solid wood pieces and coconut fibers take your pet bird to his own island paradise. Tropical Teasers Tiki ...
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Calypso Creations Braided Bunch Bird Toy

As low as $5.99
Colorful knotted cotton rope toy for parakeets and similar-size birds Cotton rope & sisal fiber engage pet birds that love to pluck & preen Keep pet birds mentally & physically active with multiple play options Discourage feather plucking while satisfying your pet bird's preening instincts. Calypso Creations Braided Bunch Bird Toy is a festive bird toy sized right for parakeets ...
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Calypso Creations Short Stack and Club Bird Toys

As low as $9.99
Colorful hanging bird toy full of fun engaging items to chew & shred Varied textures offer birds a satisfying & acceptable chewing outlet Two sizes to keep a wider variety of pet bird species mentally & physically active Take a bite out of cage boredom with colorful concoctions of shreddable, chewable delights. Calypso Creations Short Stack and Club Bird Toys ...
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