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Control Dog Harness
8 results

Chest Plate Harness by EZYDog

As low as $22.50
Don't let a strong-willed dog pull you down the street when walking. The EZYDog Chest Plate Harness puts you back in control while also removing the pulling strain from your pet's throat. It rides lower on your dog's chest, dispersing the load evenly across the chest to make it easier on the dog and the handler. This is also an ...
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Mesh Harness

As low as $13.99
This comfortable, lightweight dog harness improves your pet's security and comfort when he's attached to a lead. Breathable polyester mesh allows good airflow and works with your pet's natural movement to keep your dog cool and content while he's wearing the harness. Mesh harness is also designed to redirect pressure away from your dog's neck, even if he pulls on ...
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Quick-Klip Adjustable Dura-Ruff® Harness

As low as $9.99
Adjustable harness grows as your dog grows Makes difficult dogs easier to handle Three sizes to choose from ensures custom fit Adjustable, nylon harness makes young dogs easier to handle and more assertive dogs easier to control. As your dog grows, this long-lasting harness conveniently adjusts to just the right fit. The Quick-Klip closure is kinder on your fingers than ...
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EZYDOG Summit Backpack Harness

As low as $51.30
Dog backpack is built on a harness chassis for custom fit and durability Reflective trim on backpack lets your dog be seen in low visibility Backpack for dogs features waterproof, easy-use zippers Award-winning chest plate harness forms to your dog's chest for a secure and custom fit on this backpack that stays on, no matter what the terrain. Backpack is ...
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RC Pet Step-In Harnesses

As low as $29.99
Thick nylon, fully adjustable RC Pet Step-In Harnesses perfectly blend strength, style, and safety. These tough, 2-layer harnesses are especially helpful for dogs who pull, allowing you to easily keep your dog safer and under control. Simple step-in design and a secure plastic quick-clip buckle make fitting extremely easy. A sewn-in, nickel-plated D-ring allows reliable lead attachment. Fun, ...
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Adjustable Bungee Coupler & Ultimate Pulling Harness

As low as $49.99
Supplies for skijoring, bikejoring, canicross, and dog trekking let you share outdoor adventures with your dog Easily connect your dog to you and safely perform outdoor pulling exercise Nylon Adjustable Bungee Coupler connects 2 dogs, extends a leash, or attaches to a pulling harness Heavily padded, adjustable Ultimate Pulling Harness lets your dog safely, comfortably pull you Specialized ...
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Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness

As low as $28.79
A secure dog keeps everyone in a moving vehicle safer. The Kurgo Enhanced Strength True-Fit Smart Harness is designed not only to minimize driver distraction, but also to help protect drivers, passengers, and dogs from injury in the event of sudden stops or crashes. It also makes a great walking harness for dogs. Tru-Fit Smart Harness comes with all the ...
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EZYDog® QuickFit Dog Harness

As low as $25.20
QuickFit Harness is as easy to use as a collar, with all the load-dispersing benefits of a collar! Lets you take control when walking your dog. This cleverly designed dog harness features adjustable chest and girth straps and a one-click design to provide an easy, snug fit. Simply slip it over your pet's head and click the buckle behind his ...
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