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Cobalt Pump

Cobalt Aquatics Protein Skimmer Pumps

As low as $55.38
Compact, powerful, Italian-made water pumps create huge quantities of beneficial bubbles in your protein skimmer! These high quality, energy-efficient pumps feature a venturi and matched needle-wheel impeller designed together to maximize water and air mixture and ensure optimal bubble size in your protein skimmer. These cool-running protein skimmer pumps are for submersible use only (up to 3 ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump

As low as $142.18
Make waves without sacrificing power, control, or your aquarium budget! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow 10,000 Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump streamlines product selection with its powerful 2,640-gph flow rate AND adjustable control. No separate purchase required to control this amazing propeller pump! Cobalt Aquatics Neo-Flow Adjustable Flow 12V DC Prop Pump features an adjustable DC power ...
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Cobalt Pond Cascade Professional Water Garden Pumps

As low as $367.49
Energize your pond or water garden with professional power, versatility and low-energy consumption. Cobalt Cascade Pump delivers reliable water movement that brings pond systems to life. Innovative Italian-made pump allows convenient external or submersible installation to suit your plumbing needs. Employ the Cobalt Cascade Pump at the heart of your pond waterfall or filtration system and ...
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Cobalt International MJ Multi-Purpose Powerhead Pump

As low as $33.19
Made in Italy for superior performance as powerhead or pump Built to perform reliably even under the harshest aquarium conditions Use as powerhead, wavemaker, or as protein skimmer calcium reactor or refugium pump The ORIGINAL workhorse built to perform AND last! Cobalt International MJ multiuse submersible pump and powerhead brings back the superior Italian-made performance you've trusted ...
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Cobalt Aquatics Oxy-Pro Aquarium Air Pump

As low as $59.99
Electronic aquarium air pump with adjustable flow rate up to 40 gph Provide precise amount of air to run air-driven aquarium devices LED lit electronic adjustment brightens as you increase aquarium aeration Keep operating cost, air flow and noise under control with power to spare. The Cobalt Aquatics Oxy-Pro Aquarium Air Pump boasts outstanding energy efficiency, operating on JUST 2 ...
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Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump

As low as $32.97
Take on a variety of aquarium tasks with this compact, inline pump. Cobalt Aquatics E-X-T Inline Pump is an energy-efficient choice for transporting water or driving a variety of aquarium devices including canister filters or UV clarifiers. Silent, inline pump boasts dual internal (in tank) or external (out-of-tank) use while drawing just 6 watts of electricity. 5/8" hose barbs and ...
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Cobalt Pond Fontana Professional Fountain Pump

As low as $287.79
Eco-friendly fountain pump boasts highly energy-efficient design Drive water fountains, waterfalls and more using less energy Included water fountainheads with diverter allows versatile setup Create your dream water feature for less! The Cobalt Fontana Professional Fountain Pump is the multipurpose Italian-made pump designed for extreme energy-efficient and versatile use. Reliable pump power ...
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