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Ceramic Outdoor Decor

7 results

Zanesville Glazed Birdbath

As low as $89.99
Attract birds to your yard with this lovely 3-quart water source Ceramic birdbath boasts hand-painted details Lock-on bowl ensures sturdiness and removes easily for cleaning Neighbors are green with envy when they gaze at this dashing birdbath in your garden, attracting birds to your yard instead of theirs. The freestanding Zanesville Glazed Ceramic Birdbath is handmade from natural clay, ...
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Bird Designs Birdbaths

As low as $99.99
Attract birds with a classic, sturdy ceramic birdbath Pedestals feature hand-painted renditions of your favorite visitors Easy-to-use lock-on tops increase sturdiness, safety and cleaning ease Enjoy the company of your favorite summer visitors after setting up one of these elegant birdbaths to attract them. These ceramic baths feature traditional pedestals that boast hand-painted renderings ...
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Dove Ceramic Birdbath

As low as $119.99
A birdbath is a simple way to bring more birds to your yard- birds love bathing! Colorful ceramic bath has two peaceful doves perched atop Cool colors look great in any yardscape Attract even more birds to your yard with this stunning, durable birdbath. Shades of cool blue, white, and vibrant green grace this glazed ceramic feeder. Rugged bathing space ...
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Drinkwell® Ceramic Pet Fountains

As low as $7.99
70-oz fountains give your pet fresh, flowing, filtered water with 2 free-falling streams Ceramic fountain includes charcoal and foam filtration to keep water clean, healthy Easily encourage your pet to drink more water with a comfortable, quiet pet fountain Fresh, flowing, filtered water encourages your dog to drink more water for better overall health. The 70-oz Avalon and Pagoda Fountains ...
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Pond Boss Ceramic Frog Spitter

As low as $34.99
Greet pond guests with an irresistibly cute & kissable "Prince Charming" Hand crafted ceramic garden art doubles as essential pond aerator Add beneficial oxygen and playful charm to your water garden Add drama and whimsy to your backyard water garden with a decorative Ceramic Frog Spitter. Just look at that playful expression . . . give this frog a kiss ...
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Laguna Powerjet Fountain & Waterfall Pumps

As low as $209.99
Versatile 2-in-1 fountain pond pump uses less energy to operate Run a beautiful water fountain & a waterfall with the same pump Super efficient performance on select models featuring smart pump technology New generation Smart Pump Technology boosts energy-efficient performance of these 2-in-1 fountain pond pumps. Laguna Powerjet Fountain & Waterfall Pumps improved with significant ...
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Fish Mate Pond/Fountain Pumps

As low as $229.49
Versatile, multipurpose pumps power water fountains, waterfalls, and pond filtration systems Energy-efficient performance enables reliable solids-handling and very low operating costs Superior rotor design and durable ceramic shaft bearings ensure years of trouble-free operation Versatile multipurpose water pumps great for water fountains or driving pond filtration systems. Quality ...
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