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Cats Hair Shampoo
8 results

Pyoben® Shampoo (Brand)

As low as $14.49
What is Pyoben® Shampoo? Pyoben medicated shampoo is an antimicrobial, keratolytic and follicular flushing shampoo specifically formulated for the topical treatment of deep cutaneous infections. Who is it for? For dogs, cats, and horses. What are the benefits? Helps treat deep cutaneous infection in dogs
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Pet Head De Shed Me!! Pet Shampoo and Rinse

As low as $9.99
Nourishing deshedding shampoo and rinse for pet cats and dogs Reduce pet shedding & promote silky, smooth coat with Vitamin E and more! Use De Shed Me!! Pet Shampoo & Rinse twice weekly for best results Makeover your shaggy shedder into a sassy, silky coat diva with pet salon results you can enjoy at home! Pet Head De Shed Me!! ...
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Keratolux® Medicated Shampoo

As low as $17.99
Shampoo especially effective for skin disorders characterized by excessive dryness or oiliness Patented spherulites encapsulate shampoo ingredients for slow release on your pet long after application Tar-free medicated shampoo contains salicylic acid, pyridoxine HCl, and zinc gluconate Keratolux Medicated Shampoo with spherulites removes scales, crusts, and excessive oil associated with your ...
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John Paul Pet Oatmeal Shampoo, Conditioning Rinse, & Conditioning Spray

As low as $6.99
Drench your pet's skin and coat with moisturizing, pure oatmeal grooming formulas and improve coat manageability. These pure oatmeal formulas were designed just for pets using the salon expertise of John Paul, co-founder of Paul Mitchell hair products. Each contains oatmeal, aloe vera, and sweet almond oil to moisturize and revitalize dry, flaky skin. They also help remove tangles and ...
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Shed-X™ Shed Control Shampoo for Cats

As low as $4.49
Nourish your cat's skin and coat with moisture and essential nutrients while leaving behind a surprisingly fresh nectarine ginger scent. Shed-X Shampoo utilizes coconut-oil based cleansers to clean gently while alpha hydroxy acid gently exfoliates the skin to remove dander, allergens and loose hair. Shed-X penetrates the skin and coat with nourishing amino acids, Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, ...
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MalAcetic Shampoo, Conditioner and Wipes

As low as $10.99
Cleansing formulas contain 2% acetic acid and 2% boric acid Aids in the topical treatment of seborrhea and other bacterial/fungal skin conditions Crystal-clear, USA-made formulas for use on dogs, cats and horses Tackle seborrhea and other mild bacterial or fungal skin conditions with soapless cleansing formulas containing 2% acetic acid and 2% boric acid. Crystal-clear, preservative-free ...
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Virbac Allergroom® Shampoo

As low as $11.69
Soap-free, hypoallergenic, emollient shampoo for frequent use on normal or dry skin Also suggested for use on dogs treated with flea/tick prevention products Uses Spherulites microcapsules to ensure a slow release of ingredients Allergroom is a gentle, hypoallergenic, soap-free, and antiseborrheic shampoo that helps supports optimal condition of skin and hair coat. It is designed for ...
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DermaLyte® Shampoo for Dogs, Cats & Horses

As low as $9.49
If you bathe your pet frequently, or if your pet has sensitive skin, we urge you to try DermaLyte hypo allergenic pet shampoo. This soap-free, extremely gentle formula contains ceramides to help moisturize and condition the skin, while coconut oil and safflower oils support a full, glossy hair coat. Made in the USA. For dogs, cats and horses. Please click ...
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