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Caitec Food Toy

6 results

Foraging Wheel Foraging Toy

As low as $15.19
Challenging treat toy is a spinning wheel that rewards birds with a tasty treat Toy for bird foraging is made from polycarbonate, tough enough for repeated beak use Foraging Wheel's movement and visual appeal stimulates your bird to do what comes naturally Let your bird spin his own personal wheel of fortune to get the food or treats he adores. ...
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Waterfall Bird Toy

As low as $24.99
Colorful, visually stimulating hanging toy for Amazon parrotsVibrantly colored wood toy pieces entice bird playVaried wood pieces offer chewing fun for caged birds Rainbow kaleidoscope of color visually stimulates birds. Colorful cascade of varied wood toy pieces and brightly colored sisal rope entice play. Assorted shapes and sizes add interest to encourage chewing, hanging, and climbing ...
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Push/Pull Forager Bird Toy

As low as $14.99
Engage your bird's mind and beak for hours with treat toyHanging foraging toy challenges birds through three levelsEasy-clean polycarbonate bird toy withstands active daily play Your bird sees the treats inside, but can he forage out the puzzle's prize? The Push/Pull Forager Bird Toy engages your bird's intellect and instincts for healthy rewards and hours of fun. Fill the top ...
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Party Cubes Shredding Toys

As low as $4.99
Shreddable, chewable toys keep small pets entertained 3X as long Multiple play options keep small pets physically and mentally fit Hide a treat inside for enriching foraging activity for small pets Triple the fun means small pets stay active and mentally fit. Party Cubes Shredding Toys for Small Pets feature tough, food-grade chipboard boxes with creative cutouts that tempt small ...
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Natural Stencil Blocks Bird Toy

As low as $9.09
Wooden posts with fun, naturally-colored stencils Perfect shredding toy for Conures to Amazons! Food grade chipboard sleeves are replaceable Finally, a shredding toy that lasts, appropriately channeling your bird's shredding instincts. Chewable white pine posts are covered with food grade chipboard, each with stencil cutouts for your bird to tear off. The best part? When your bird does tear ...
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Party Hearts Shredding Toys

As low as $3.99
Made with thick, food-grade chipboard Find the size that fits your bird best Different materials keep your bird interested and entertained Your bird will "heart" these incredible, shreddable boredom busters! Keep your bird entertained with a variety of materials and textures. A sandwich of food grade chipboard is formed into a heart, then tied together with festive paper streamers and ...
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