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Caitec Durable Bird Supplies
8 results

Featherland Series Chapel Bird Cage

As low as $1,099.99
Large bird cage with durable welded construction Arched-top cage with no-tool assembly Parrot-proof, self-locking doors Uncompromising quality evident in this unique cage design. All-metal construction with corner welded panels and doors, removable seed guard, 4 removable feeding doors and parrot-proof, self-locking doors. Designed to maintain a clean and safe environment. Arched top adds ...
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Buffet Ball and Kabob

As low as $14.99
Interactive bird treat holder with two foraging optionsBirds forage from treat ball or the stainless steel kabobAdd any favorite bird treat to encourage foraging behavior Offer two irresistible ways to reward birds that love to forage. Buffet Ball & Kabob features a slotted, treat-dispensing ball AND a stainless steel kabob to double foraging fun. Place small treats inside the durable ...
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Masterminds Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds

As low as $27.99
Ultimate foraging challenge gives the shell game a brand new twist. Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds require your pet bird to successfully navigate the treat inside the clear thimble and drop it through the opening. Sounds simple but this task requires multiple steps that may push your birds problem-solving skills to the limits! Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds is a ...
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Foraging Ball w/Kabob

As low as $19.99
Give your smart bird a fun foraging challenge to boost mind and body health every day! Simply fill this hanging Foraging Ball w/Kabob with favorite treats, foods, Nutri-Berries , or shreddables, and watch your feathered companion enjoy working for the reward. Bird-tough polycarbonate 5" ball features numerous holes and slots to tantalize active feet and beaks. Hanging 16" steel kabob ...
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Generation II Foraging Wheel

As low as $22.99
Challenge smart birds with intermediate-level foraging toys Fun treat-dispensing wheel takes practice for birds to perfect Keep birds mentally and physically active when you can't be there Let your bird spin the wheel to puzzle out bird treats! Generation II Foraging wheel is an engaging, intermediate foraging toy designed for added fun and extra creative challenge. Put your bird's ...
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Caitec Tug N Slide Tower Bird Foraging Toy

As low as $25.99
Birds will flex both brain and muscles to solve this perplexing puzzle. Tug N Slide Tower Bird Foraging Toy offers a workout sure to challenge mental and physical fitness. In order to retrieve the treat you provide, your bird must first slide the lever to the left to drop the treat to the second level. Then a slide to the ...
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Party Cubes Shredding Toys

As low as $3.99
3 layers of fun mean your bird need never feel "boxed in!" Enrich your bird's habitat with multiple sides and dimensions. Tough, food-grade chipboard boxes have creative cutouts that tempt your bird to dig in and pull at the shredded paper streamers inside. Colorful wooden blocks add even more chewing fun! Hang at the top of the cage and watch ...
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Triple Bamboo Rings

As low as $5.99
Hang this engaging, cage-enrichment toy right where your bird can play with it. Tempting textures on this climbable, chewable toy give your bird endless possibilities for fun. He'll chew on the bamboo rings and then find food treasures you hide in the vine balls. He'll gnaw at the enticingly shiny woven palm fronds to his heart's content, and they'll last, ...
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