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Caitec Bird Foraging Supplies
8 results

Wood and Bamboo Foraging Toy

As low as $4.99
Hide food or treats in the bamboo and watch your bird forage Ideal for birds who know how to forage, but need a little more challenge A great economic foraging alternative that intrigues your feathered pet With multiple uses, this bamboo toy has wood to chew, stacks to climb, intriguing noises, and hiding places galore to awaken and feed your ...
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Loofa Stack

As low as $5.49
A cornucopia of chewable delights awaits your feathered pet with this multi-textured chew toy. Use as a climbing toy, a chew toy, and a foraging toy. Your bird chews the colorful wood pieces she loves so much as well as the new and different texture of loofa, a plant fiber. Layered in between are vine balls to stuff with seed ...
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Cage Mount Buffet Ball

As low as $14.99
Free-spinning bird treat ball encourages foraging behaviorPolycarbonate foraging ball installs in bird cages with easeStimulating and rewarding activity for birds during cage time Keep birds entertained during cage time with rewarding foraging activity. Cage Mount Buffet Ball installs onto bird cages with ease to convert any cage area into an engaging enrichment center. Slotted polycarbonate ...
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Loofa Foot Toy

As low as $2.99
Give your pet bird a foot toy to promote needed exercise, both mental and physical, as well as foot dexterity. Numerous textures on this chew toy keep your bird entertained as he grasps it in his foot and gnaws. Your bird will get a loofa sandwich to bite into as he gnaws the big colorful beads and block and preens ...
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Crazy Cubes Treat Drawers

As low as $15.99
Fill this foraging treat toy with your bird's favorite food or treats for endless entertainmentChallenging drawers make your bird work for her rewardHelps eliminate boredom, which can lead to bad behaviors like feather picking and screaming Fill these polycarbonate, bird toys' cube-shaped compartments with bird treats for foraging fun. Medium Treat Drawers features three pull-out compartments ...
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Masterminds Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds

As low as $1.99
Advanced foraging toy requires multiple steps for pet birds to solve Tough polycarbonate construction withstands powerful parrot beaks Provide natural foraging activity that challenges pet bird intelligence Ultimate foraging challenge gives the shell game a brand new twist. Transporter Foraging Toys for Birds require your pet bird to successfully navigate the treat inside the clear thimble ...
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Caitec Food Tumbler

As low as $10.99
Clear forager satisfies any bird's foraging needs. Flower-like curves hold treats you insert. Bird spins toy to make treats fall into transparent tube at bottom. You can adjust tube at bottom of tumbler to make it easier or more difficult for your bird. This means once your bird figures things out, you can change it up and keep him guessing. ...
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Foraging Pocket

As low as $6.99
Bird foraging toy is woven pocket protector made of grass mat Bird toy for foraging contains colorful woven cornhusk "pens" and wood pieces to chew Hanging bird toy may be filled with your bird's favorite treats for extra foraging fun Hanging foraging toy gives your bird multiple tasks to keep him busy. Pocket protector is made of woven grass mat ...
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