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Caitec Assorted Pet Toy
5 results

Shred-a-Stack Toys

As low as $5.99
Hang hours of shreddable avian entertainment to satisfy her instincts! Chipboard, bright wood, colorful paper streamers exercise your bird's intellect No glue or chemicals - just safe fun! Stack up the fun! Hanging shred toys combine colorful wood, tear-iffic chipboard, and colorful streamers to turn your bird's cage into an exciting and stimulating avian environment. Shred-a-Stack Rectangles ...
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Waterfall Bird Toy

As low as $17.49
Colorful, visually stimulating hanging toy for Amazon parrotsVibrantly colored wood toy pieces entice bird playVaried wood pieces offer chewing fun for caged birds Rainbow kaleidoscope of color visually stimulates birds. Colorful cascade of varied wood toy pieces and brightly colored sisal rope entice play. Assorted shapes and sizes add interest to encourage chewing, hanging, and climbing ...
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As low as $6.99
Custom create your own hanging bird toy with versatile chains Choose colorful plastic or tough metal links to suit bird preferenceNew chains refurbish older toys to revitalize your birds play zone Take creative control of bird toy construction and repair with DIY plastic and metal chains. These inexpensive and simple bird toy accessories let you create exciting new play activities ...
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Ball Cluster

As low as $14.99
Hanging wicker bird toys are made from brightly-colored woven wood Fun bird toys incorporate wicker orbs and rings with leather strip Vibrant colors and crunchy textures encourage your medium bird to play Wicker bird toys let your pet wrestle up some fun in any cage. All-natural wood fibers are woven into fun balls or chain links and combined with a ...
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Wooden Blocks

As low as $3.99
Assortment of wooden pieces lets you build your own bird toysVariety of sizes and shapes piques any parrot's playful interestColored with fun nontoxic, bird-safe, vegetable-based dyes Every bird has its own unique personality. That's why we've put together a superior selection of bird accessories and play things to allow you to build just the right toy for your pet. Tropical ...
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