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Broad Spectrum Wormers

4 results

Zimecterin® (Ivermectin) Wormers by Merial

As low as $9.99
Broad-spectrum, ivermectin-based equine parasite control Original formula controls strongyles, bots, ascarids, and more Combination Gold formula also removes tapeworms from your horse Broad-spectrum parasite control for your horse from a respected source. Ivermectin-based oral pastes are the original patented formula for thorough parasite control. Unlike generics that control 35 species and ...
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Equimax™ Paste (Ivermectin/Praziquantel) Wormers by Pfizer

As low as $10.99
Worm your horse of tapeworms and all major internal parasitesCombination wormer FDA-approved for pregnant maresConvenient, ergonomic dosing syringe worms horses up to 1320 lbs Target tapeworms and all major horse parasites in a single dose. Oral paste combines two potent antiparasitic agents for effective broad spectrum and specialized worming. The only combination wormer that is FDA-approved ...
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Ivermectin Paste 1.87% Wormer by Durvet

As low as $2.99
Oral ivermectin paste for broad-spectrum control of horse parasitesEffectively removes worms and bots with a single dose in all horsesEasy-to-dose syringe delivers apple flavored paste horses love Safe and effective broad-spectrum parasite control for horses. Save time and money and simplify essential routine parasite control. A single dose of Ivermectin Paste controls 35 combined species and ...
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Horse Health Single Dose Equine Ivermectin by Farnam

As low as $2.99
Oral ivermectin paste protects horses against 35 species of parasitesKills strongyles, bots, ascarids, bloodworms, lungworms, and moreSafe for use on all horses, including broodmares, stallions, and foals Essential broad-spectrum horse parasite control at an economical price. Single dose Ivermectin paste syringe controls 35 combined species and stages of parasitic worms and bots. Controls all ...
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