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Braided Chew Toy
7 results

Flossy Chews SnakeBiter™ Rope Toys

As low as $8.99
While your dog is attacking this snake, he's also getting his teeth flossed! Flossy Chews SnakeBiter toys feature super-strong construction to accommodate even the toughest chewers. Made of cotton-blend tubular rope fibers in snake-like designs, these rugged chew and tug toys help floss your dog's teeth as he chews. Each features thick braided rope with a face on one end, ...
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KONG Pudge Braidz Dog Toys

As low as $6.99
Twice at thick as original Braidz for lasting durability Strong, flexible weave helps floss and clean teeth as pet plays Fun, colorful designs offer irresistible tug-o-war matches This tuggable toy is twice as thick as the original Braidz from KONG, for lasting appeal at a very affordable price. Stuffed heads and tightly braided bodies offer multiple grabbing points, and the ...
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Prevue Bodacious Bites Ravenous Bird Toy

As low as $29.99
Hanging bird toy promotes healthy chewing, and preening behavior Engages pet birds with a wide variety of fun textures and materials Great bird toy for keeping pet birds mentally and physically active Prevue Bodacious Bites Ravenous Bird Toy is a colorful activity center that supports healthy behavior. Thick blocks of safely dyed wood pieces, along with sisal and cotton rope, ...
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Nuts for Knots Squeaky Rope Dog Toy

As low as $3.99
Dog toy combines inner squeaker with teeth-flossing cotton This fetch toy rewards every "chomp" with taunting squeak sound Braided cotton rope toy entertains pets for hours - at a great price Nuts for Knots Squeaky Rope Toy combines the rewarding sound of a squeak toy with the flossing benefits of a rope toy. This economical dog toy lets your pet ...
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Dental Kotton Rope Toys

As low as $5.19
A great price on durable cotton rope toys ideal for fetching and tugging. Durable, braided cotton rope toys feature solid knots and soft fringy ends to satisfy your dog's desire to chew while also helping to clean debris and plaque from teeth. Kotton Rope Toys also provide ideal interactive play between you and your pet; smaller sizes are great for ...
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Avian Specialties Laces Gone Wild Bird Toy

As low as $39.99
Huge hanging bird toy chock-full-of braided rope & leather strips Keep pet birds that love to chew and preen happily entertained Made in the USA bird toy great for cage or bird room enrichment Over a meter of braided rope and leather strips mean serious boredom-busting fun. Avian Specialties Laces Gone Wild Bird Toy delivers when it comes to lasting ...
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Avian Specialties Ropey Block Buster Bird Toy

As low as $20.99
Curb unwanted boredom-related behavior with fun activities that engage body and mind. Avian Specialties Ropey Block Buster Bird Toy offers pet birds a great outlet for natural chewing and preening behavior. Loads of large, solid wood blocks keep chewer happily occupied while a tangle of colorful braided sisal rope keeps bird that love to preen content. Versatile hanging bird toy ...
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