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Bird Safe Toys

5 results

Messy Mop Bird Toy

As low as $13.99
Lots of cotton for preening, playing, shredding & more! Exciting bird toy for climbing & hiding too Features natural materials for bird-safe fun Let your bird preen to his heart's content and prevent feather plucking. Messy mop is made from cotton rope, wood, and ribbon. An ideal way to help alleviate cage boredom and other negative behavior! Includes stainless steel ...
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Calypso Creations Braided Bunch Bird Toy

As low as $5.99
Colorful knotted cotton rope toy for parakeets and similar-size birds Cotton rope & sisal fiber engage pet birds that love to pluck & preen Keep pet birds mentally & physically active with multiple play options Discourage feather plucking while satisfying your pet bird's preening instincts. Calypso Creations Braided Bunch Bird Toy is a festive bird toy sized right for parakeets ...
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Space Station Toy

As low as $5.99
Made of multiple materials, including white pine, bird-safe metal, and leather Only vegetable-based, nontoxic dyes used Quality, nickel-plated hardware attachments and bell Give yourself a galaxy of giggles watching your bird with this space-themed wooden chew toy. White pine pieces are vibrantly colored with bird-safe, vegetable-based dyes. This toys is excellent for smaller birds, has a ...
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Party Cubes Shredding Toys

As low as $4.99
3 levels keeps your bird entertained 3X as long Made with food-grade, durable chipboard All colors are vegetable based and bird safe 3 layers of fun mean your bird need never feel "boxed in!" Enrich your bird's habitat with multiple sides and dimensions. Tough, food-grade chipboard boxes have creative cutouts that tempt your bird to dig in and pull at ...
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Waterfall Bird Toy

As low as $24.99
Colorful, visually stimulating hanging toy for Amazon parrotsVibrantly colored wood toy pieces entice bird playVaried wood pieces offer chewing fun for caged birds Rainbow kaleidoscope of color visually stimulates birds. Colorful cascade of varied wood toy pieces and brightly colored sisal rope entice play. Assorted shapes and sizes add interest to encourage chewing, hanging, and climbing ...
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