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Bio External Pond Filters

8 results

Fish Mate Gravity UV & Bio Pond External Filters

As low as $29.99
Combination flow-through pond filter with built-in UV clarifier Fine and coarse filter foams for enhanced mechanical pond filtration Easy maintenance design ensures years of reliable filter performance Attractively priced, flow-through UV pond filters designed for optimum water quality. High performance combination filters feature Fish Mate SUPRA biological filter media to promote rapid ...
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Oase BioSmart Pond Gravity Filter

As low as $159.00
Multistage biological & mechanical filter for ponds up to 10,000 gallons Easy-to-maintain gravity filter helps support high pond water quality Varying filter foam density supports exceptional pond biological filtration Multi-stage gravity filter boasts outstanding mechanical and biological filtration for exceptional pond water quality. Oase BioSmart Pond Gravity Filter employs multiple ...
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Fish Mate Pressurized UV+Bio Pond Filters

As low as $104.99
Pressure filter with combined UV, mechanical, and biological filtration for clear, purified water Easy to install and maintain - bury above or below pond level Auto-clean with the turn of a knob with PowerClenz feature These external pressure filters can be buried above or below pond level, and feature 3 different types of filtration to keep your pond water super ...
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Tetra Pond Bio-Active Pressure Filter

As low as $279.99
Easy-to-maintain pressure filter for ponds and water gardens Open profile media maintains efficient pond biological filtration Simple backflush feature keeps filter performing in peak condition Enjoy cleaner, healthier ponds and water gardens with less effort. The improved TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filters employ advanced bio-active media that resists clogging, even after extended periods ...
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Aquascape® UltraKlean™ Biological Pressure Filters with UV

As low as $359.98
Biological filter is pressurized to make maintenance easy and provide a clean pond Bio pressure filter features high-output UV sterilizer with integrated electronic bulb-saver option Pressure filter with bio media allows unit to be backwashed in as few as 5 minutes Guaranteed to clear pond water! Give your pond life optimal water conditions and crystal-clear water you can appreciate. ...
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Oase BioTec Pond Gravity Filter

As low as $699.00
High performance pond filter with automatic debris separating system Effective mechanical & biological filtration for ponds up to 32,000 gallons Automatic debris screen system removes coarse debris at regular intervals High-performance pond filtration system with built-in cleaning mechanism maximizes biological filtration and reduces maintenance frequency. Oase BioTec Pond Gravity Filter ...
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Little Giant Pressurized Filter

As low as $199.99
Compact pressurized filter for ponds and water gardensBiological and mechanical filtration keeps pond water cleanTurn "grip-n-twist" handle for easy cleaning of pond filter sponge Ease of filter upkeep means peak pond conditions. The Little Giant Pressurized Bio Filter with "grip-n-twist" handle lets you clean your pond filter sponge without having to remove the filter lid. This time-saving ...
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Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV

As low as $454.14
Italian-made pressurized external pond filter with built-in UV clarifier Keeps pond water clear of debris AND free-floating green water algae Simple 3-step self-cleaning feature eases routine pond filter maintenance A clean filter is an effective filter for maintaining pond water quality. Sicce Green Reset External Pond Filter w/UV features a patented Easy Cleaning System to ensure optimum ...
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