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Automatic Moving Water Fountain
6 results

Catit Design Senses Water Fountain

As low as $7.99
Cat drinking fountain has an elevated design for a better drinking position Replaceable filter inside fountain collects debris, food, hair, and sediment Large surface area of fountain creates better oxygenation, keeping water clear Cats crave clean water and what's more important to a cat's health than consuming enough water? Catit Fountain provides clear, recirculating, healthy water to your ...
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Dog-It Fresh & Clear Water Fountain

As low as $24.99
Provide clear, recirculating, healthy water to your pet every time he needs it, with an elevated design for a more comfortable, raised drinking position. Dog-It is for all dogs, but its design makes it especially helpful for older dogs, larger breeds, or dogs with muscle and joint problems. Dog-It fountain has a multi-stage filtration system with activated carbon to help ...
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Pet Fountain

As low as $19.99
Compact, quiet fountain gives kitty a continuous flow of filtered water at a great price! Water tumbles down and re-circulates through a three-layer filter to keep cats hydrated, happy and healthy. Fully assembled unit is easy to use and features a snap-on top, a non-slip bottom, and quiet operation. Simply remove top, add water, replace the top, and plug in. ...
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Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

As low as $49.99
Provide fresh, moving water with minimal maintenance using this attractive fountain! Pets are attracted by fresh, flowing water, and this award-winning, raindrop-shaped fountain is the ideal way to provide it. Dishwasher-safe, stainless-steel model is easy-to-assemble, fill, and keep clean. The fountain circulates 60 oz (approx. 1/2 gallon) of water through a replaceable charcoal filter that ...
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Drinkwell Pet Fountain

As low as $6.99
Give your dog the constant supply of fresh water she wants with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain watering system. Replace the stale bowl water that no pet enjoys with the Drinkwell Pet Fountain�s patented system that filters moving water to keep it fresher than standing bowl water. Its 5" waterfall also aerates the water better, to deliver more healthful oxygen to ...
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Lixit Cat Feeder or Water Fountain

As low as $8.99
You decide how to use this gravity-style dispenser - as a kibble feeder OR a water fountain. Or, buy two so you can have one of each. This unique product has a reversible base that's molded a little different on each side. One side is for serving dry kibble; however, when you unscrew the base and reverse it, you've got ...
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