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Assorted Macaw Pet Toy

5 results

Cactus Bird Toy Activity Center

As low as $39.99
Towering 44" toy boasts wood blocks, paper rope and plastic beads Replaceable paper rope delivers chew-time bliss to large birds The ideal activity center for birds that love to forage and chew No prickly spikes deter your bird from this "cactus" - just plenty of wood blocks for climbing and paper rope for shredding. The thick wooden blocks are vegetable ...
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Chunky Bird Toy

As low as $10.99
Giant wood blocks and paper rope deliver chew-time bliss for large birds Birds love to perch upon and shred the paper rope Replaceable paper rope lets you insert small treats for foraging fun Mega climbing opportunities abound on this chunky wooden and paper-rope bird toy. The thick wooden blocks are vegetable dyed to provide safe, durable climbing, perching and chewing ...
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Parrot Pinata All-Natural Bird Toy

As low as $6.29
Parrot Piñata bird toy with colorful tassels is great for preening and soothes feather pluckers Your bird will enjoy countless hours of shredding fun Variety of sizes for small to large birds Parrot Piñata bird toy stimulates ALL your bird's senses and soothes feather pluckers. Woven bird toy is made from biodegradable materials found in her native habitat - assorted ...
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Wood Pile Bird Toy

As low as $24.99
Stacks of colorful wooden blocks encourage healthy chewing behaviorsHanging bird toy features leather pieces your bird can pick at and untiePet bird activity center will last and last Well organized stacks of brightly colored wooden pieces will have your bird in a chewing frenzy. Designed to stimulate physically, challenge mentally, and entertain endlessly, this toy will last and last. Your ...
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Zoo Max Groovy Tom Bird Toy

As low as $21.99
Foraging activity center for medium & large parrots that love to chew Chewable toy with varying textures keep pet birds happily occupied Insert treats in grooved blocks to entice shy or food motivated pet birds to forage Does your parrot need to get her groove back from cage boredom? Zoo Max Groovy Tom Bird Toy offers the perfect remedy for ...
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