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Aquatic Plant Care
5 results

Tetra Pond LilyGro™

As low as $9.99
Promote aquatic plant growth & strength to maximize beauty Minimizes release of nutrients that encourage algae growth Formulated for lilies and other potted aquatic plants Feed your plants for beautiful water gardens! Maximize color, growth, and promote strength with aquatic plant fertilizer tablets. Formulated for regular use during season for lilies and other potted aquatic plants. ...
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Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

As low as $8.99
Potted aquatic plant fertilizer stimulates growth after repotting Plant food tablets stay in root-zone to nourish and promote plant growth Convenient once-a-month aquatic pond plant food Specially formulated plant food promotes blooming and lush foliage in aquatic plants. Strengthens marsh and bog plant stems and leaves - maximizes optimal growth all season long directly through their roots - ...
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Nycon Pond Plant Feeder

As low as $36.99
Pond plant feeder for fast and convenient plant care Deposits pond plant fertilizer tablets into the root zone Essential plant care tool for lush, beautiful water gardens Simplify seasonal fertilization for healthy and beautiful pond plants. Clever, plunger-like feeder deposits plant fertilizer tablet into potting media. Eliminates the laborious need to remove planters from the water. ...
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Microbe-Lift Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media

As low as $11.96
Natural montmorillonite potting media with beneficial bacteria for lush plant growth Neutral pH planting media contains no fertilizers or compost that can pollute your pond Use straight from the bag or mix with other aquatic plant media Kiln-fired, 100% natural montmorillonite clay perfect for container plants, marginal plants, bog areas, and wildlife ponds. Neutral pH pebbles retain oxygen, ...
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PondCare Aquatic Planting Media

As low as $9.99
Clean, easy-to-use planting media for water gardeners Will not dissipate, cloud water, clog pump/filters, or alter pH Unique blend of natural zeolite concentrates nutrients for healthy pond growth Easy to use and mess-free potting media encourages healthy aquatic plant growth. Unique blend of natural zeolite removes excess nutrients from pond water and concentrates them in the plant root zone ...
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