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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals (API) Water Conditioner
5 results

API Tap Water Conditioners

As low as $2.39
Replenish & adjust deionized water in freshwater tropical aquariumsElectro-Right replenishes essential electrolytes & trace elementspH Adjuster establishes pH & adds buffers for perfect aquarium conditions After you've deionized tap water using the API Tap Water Filter, use these two conditioners to create ideal freshwater aquarium conditions! Electro-Right reintroduces the right balance of ...
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Tap Water Conditioner

As low as $5.99
Super-strength tap water conditioner dechlorinates aquarium water Instantly removes chlorine & neutralizes chloramines for safe aquarium use Great aquarium value - Just one drop treats a gallon of tap water! This super-strength water conditioner instantly removes chlorine and detoxifies heavy metals in tap water. Use when setting up a new aquarium or adding water. Safe for all aquatic life. ...
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Proper pH Water Conditioner

As low as $5.99
Set and stabilize aquarium pH at levels you desire. API Proper pH aquarium-pH adjuster is perfect for use when setting up new aquariums or maintaining the pH of your existing aquarium. Neutralizes chlorine, detoxifies heavy metals and adds electrolytes to reduce fish stress. Also contains Aloe Vera, a proven natural stress reliever and healing agent of aquarium fish. Note: Proper ...
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pH Up or pH Down Water Conditioner

As low as $9.99
Fast-acting, colorless pH adjusters that will not cloud water. pH Up raises the pH of your aquarium, making water more alkaline. Great for African Cichlid aquariums and for freshwater tropical fish that prefer hight pH conditions. pH Down lowers pH making water more acidic. Great for freshwater tropical fish and plants that prefer lower pH conditions. pH Up use 1/2 ...
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Stress Zyme + Water Conditioner

As low as $44.99
Beneficial bacterial helps keep a naturally balanced aquarium Breaks down harmful organic compounds ammonia and nitrate Scientifically proven formula digests and dissolves hard to clean aquarium sludge Helps keep a naturally balanced aquarium by eliminating sludge build-up & preventing ammonia & nitrite poisoning, low oxygen levels, and low pH. Use when setting up and maintaining an aquarium. ...
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