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Adjustable Metal Lighting

7 results

Aquascape® G2 LED Pond & Landscape Lighting

As low as $119.98
Second generation energy-efficient LED pond and landscape lighting Watertight die-cast metal housing holds up to use in ponds or on land Easy-link modular components let's you create custom pond lighting Second generation LED lighting boasts permanently sealed watertight fixtures for years of reliable use. Long-lasting Aquascape G2 LED Pond & Landscape Lighting empowers pond owners with great ...
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Aquascape® LED Pond and Landscape Spotlight Kit

As low as $95.98
Pre-wired pond and landscape LED light kit for easy DIY installation Great energy-efficient AND easy-to-install pond lighting choice Includes everything needed to spotlight your pond landscape at night Pre-wired LED kit for easy installation, versatile pond lighting AND energy savings right out of the box! Aquascape LED Pond and Landscape Spotlight Kit eliminate the need for any complicated ...
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Hamilton Bali Sun Single Ended Metal Halide Lighting System with LEDs

As low as $239.99
Pendant-style mogul base metal halide aquarium fixture with LED light Powerful metal halide lighting provides outstanding aquarium illumination Great for coral reef aquariums as well as freshwater planted aquariums Enjoy intense aquarium lighting achieved with powerful metal halide lighting. Hamilton Technology Bali Sun Metal Halide Pendant with LED Lights brings out vibrant coloration and ...
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EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System

As low as $99.00
Adjustable modular mounting arm for EcoTech Marine LED lights Tank mount a Radion light on most standard or rimless aquariums Low profile design minimizes visual clutter; preserves aquarium aesthetics Beautifully tank-mount your EcoTech Marine LED light on most standard or rimless aquariums with ease! EcoTech Marine RMS Radion Mounting System offers an attractive and simple tank mount ...
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Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System

As low as $269.99
Powerful metal halide HQI light fixture replicates natural sunlight Multi-faceted, mirrored reflector boosts aquarium light output Built-in Moonlight Blue LEDs for nighttime aquarium illumination High-tech reflector design intensifies brilliant metal halide HQI lighting. Hamilton Technology Cayman Sun HQI System brings out the beauty of aquarium inhabitants with the dazzling intensity of ...
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AvianSun Deluxe Floor Lamp

As low as $39.99
Beneficial full-spectrum UVB & UVA for physical & psychological health Economically-priced floor lamp illuminates any sized cage or playstand Flexible metal tubing neck provides precision lighting placement Provide your birds with true full spectrum light, including UVB and UVA, just like they get in nature! Horizontal lamp arrangement increases light output compared to standard dome fixtures ...
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Exo Terra SunRay Metal Halide Fixture with Ballast and Bulb

As low as $179.99
Stylish and powerful metal halide light fixture for reptile habitats All-in-one reptile bulb emits optimal light, heat, UVA & UVB levels Includes electronic ballast, hanging kit and bulb for convenient reptile set up Consolidate reptile lighting, heating, UVA, and UVB output for a stylish, clutter-free reptile display. Exo Terra SunRay Metal Halide Fixture employs a powerful all-in-one metal ...
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