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Actinic Blue Lighting
4 results

Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps

As low as $13.99
Standard T-8 (1" dia) lamp for fluorescent aquarium light fixtures Actinic lamp illuminates aquariums with softer shades of blue light Compatible with aquarium light fixture with electronic or magnetic ballasts Coralife Actinic Blue Lamps emulate the softer shades of blue light found at dawn, dusk, and in deeper water. Spectral peak at 420 nanometers promotes photosynthesis and causes corals ...
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Actinic Blue Giesemann POWERCHROME T5 Lamps from CoralVue

As low as $23.95
Enhance growth and natural fluorescence of aquarium corals with pure actinic light. Actinic Blue Giesemann POWERCHROME T5 Lamps from CoralVue emit light exclusively from the 400-510nm wavelength range to enhance the "blue proportion" of marine aquarium lighting. Actinic blue light helps recreate natural undersea lighting conditions to promote growth and reinforce natural fluorescence of ...
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Coralife Actinic Blue HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps

As low as $14.99
Actinic blue T5 HO fluorescent lamp for marine reef aquariumsProvides aquariums with actinic blue light that peaks at 420nmPromotes photosynthesis and causes aquarium corals to fluoresce Budget-friendly lamps provide vital lighting conditions for reef aquarium inhabitants. Coralife Actinic Bluelight HO T5 Fluorescent Lamps emit actinic blue light peaking at 420 nanometers to promote ...
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Hamilton Technology Actinic Royal Blue 460nm T5 HO Bulb

As low as $29.99
460nm actinic blue fluorescent lamp for saltwater & reef aquariums Emits light that gives aquariums an attractive deepwater blue look Boasts up to 60% more light output than competitive aquarium brands Enhance colors in saltwater coral reef and fish aquariums with 460 nm actinic blue light. Hamilton Technology Actinic Royal Blue 460nm T5 HO Bulb emits light that gives aquariums ...
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