Benefits of Exercise Pens
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Benefits of exercise pens

Dog owners are quickly discovering the versatility and convenience of exercise pens. Typically consisting of a series of 6- or 8-hinged panels with a gate, they can make your life easier by:

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1.) Simplifying housetraining. Exercise pens are portable and easy to move around from room to room, so your "dog in training" can always be near you and your family - his "pack."

2.) Serving as an indoor gate when guests are over. Panels can be taken apart to add another gate, and used as free-standing 8-panel or 12-panel barricades.

3.) Keeping puppies safe outside. Exercise pens are ideal for providing puppies with a safe play area outside. Extra panels can be added to make your exercise pen as big as desired.

4.) Providing a temporary play space when traveling. Pens collapse for easy storage and include a convenient carrying handle for hassle-free transport.

4.) Confining convalescing pets. While recovering from injury or illness, your vet may prescribe "crate rest" - a regimen of extremely limited activity - to help your dog heal. An exercise pen is ideal for helping your pet recover.

With features such as varying heights, multiple configurations, and durable maintenance-free construction, it's no wonder exercise pens are gaining popularity so quickly.


Iris 4-Panel and 8-Panel Outdoor Pens

Iris 4-Panel and 8-Panel Outdoor Pens

Elite Exercise Pen

Drs. Foster & Smith Elite Exercise Pen

Classic Exercise Pens

Drs. Foster & Smith Classic Exercise Pens

Iris 6-Panel Heavy-Duty Pen with Large Door

Iris 6-Panel Heavy-Duty Pen with Large Door

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